A Need for Soft Healing

A landmark Editorial on 1 September 2015 in the British Medical Journal, titled, ‘Learning from Soft Power… A need for soft healing in the 21st century’, a new understanding of healing focus was expressed. The authors were from the School of Nutrition Science at Boston’s Tuffs University and the Yale Law School.

The Editorial goes on to explain that the modern approach to health emphasises “hard healing” – the reactive, individualised treatment of risk factors and diseases. Whereas “soft healing”- prioritises proactive prevention rather than reactive treatment, and uses a range of modalities to encourage behavioural and lifestyle changes… Continue reading

I’m Having a CRAFT Day!

For many years, I worked on a highly productive and focused team of either four or five people each shift. We personally cared for around 150 clients most days and our synergy was amazing.

Our new clients often commented how connected our team was in meeting their personal needs and how good they felt every time they walked into our practice. Statements like,” I always feel that everybody here goes out of their way to care for me.”

Occasionally a client would ask, “how is it that you are all so positive every time I come for my visit? Don’t… Continue reading

A Helping Hand

We start developing emotional resilience tools and strategies as a young child, however, we very often discard some of these tools as we get older, as we feel it may make us appear weak.

As a young child, we quickly learn to put out our hand to engage the support of mum or dad, brother or sister, nannie or poppy or another kind soul who plays a leadership role in our life.

I was reminded of the power of this support tool today when one of my granddaughters Rosie was visiting. After a few minutes in our home she asked… Continue reading

The ‘Weight Creep’ Phenomenon

For so many years the passion I have had as a practicing chiropractor, and then as a coach, mentor and consultant to chiropractors around the world, has meant that four to five hours sleep a night became the norm for me.

My daily routine started at 4.30 each morning either running or swimming or at the gym. As my working career started as a physical education teacher I have understood that one of the key pillars to maintaining good health,is solid daily exercise.

As we entered the new millennium I started to personally experience the phenomenon called,‘weight creep’. It can… Continue reading

Does Pain Cause Stress, or Stress Cause Pain?

As a practicing chiropractor in Canada and Australia for a good part of my life I cared for thousands of patients who presented with low back pain, neck pain, and headache. In many instances these presenting patients pain was stress-related. For most of these patients, their problems were chronic and they had been putting up with their untreated stressed out bodies for a long time. The time frame was 30 or 40 years sometimes before their bodies finally quit. The underlying stress in these patients lives had taken a toll on not only on their physical body, but also on… Continue reading

5 Ways to Enhance Your Self-Compassion

Our brain is programed in the negative so we are always primed to be alert to danger and engage our fright, fight, flight mechanism to support us in times of major stress and danger.

The pace of life now means most of us are performing a balancing act in trying to stay calm and experience some peace in our lives from time to time. In Australia and the US surveys report that 75% to 90% of the population say that they are experiencing excessive stress in at least one area of their lives.

An area that is often overlooked in… Continue reading

Can Resilience Be Learned and Developed?

An article in Time Magazine titled, The Importance of Resilience, looking at why do some children bounce back from adversity better than others – and can that quality be taught?

The article focused on children whose parents were alcoholics. The facilitators who worked with children at the Betty Ford Centers in California and Texas found two areas that were needed for the children to engage in so they could develop resilience.

  • Be Your OwnRecruiter – “Get help”. Studies showed that the most resilient kids had a way of drawing in other people to help them. They ‘asked’ others to support… Continue reading

Developing Resilience to Change Your Life

Yesterday I spent the day hearing and absorbing many sad and remarkable stories of the experiences of a cross section of health care practitioners from around Australia. I attended the Second National Conference of the Health Professionals Australia Reform Association in Melbourne. The presenters were practitioners in private practice as well as some consulting and working in hospitals. They were from numerous health care disciplines in medicine, allied health care, nurses and Professors in Medical Schools from around the country. They took the audience on an amazing journey detailing ‘witch hunts’ that they had been subjected to by national regulators.… Continue reading

Is Living the Calm a Possibility?

For the past two and a half days I have been attending the sold out Myriad Showcase in Brisbane. The experience was designed by some of the minds behind SXSW, SLUSH and PAUSE and the events mission is to unlock the infinite cultural and economic value across Asia-Pacific.

Myriad invites entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, tech-lovers and innovators to attend, be inspired, collaborate and connect the dots to unlock success and growth for themselves and the wider Australian ecosystem.
Continue reading

The Building of Resilience

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg gave a powerful and emotional commencement speech on building resilience to the University of California, Berkeley’s class of 2016.

Sandberg said, “You are not born with a fixed amount of resilience, but like a muscle, you can build it up and draw on it when you need it. In that process, you will figure out who you really are — and you just might become the very best version of yourself.”

The pioneer of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, believes that resilience is a quality that managers can foster in their organisations, if they… Continue reading

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