Here is what you will discover…

At this very different two day event you will learn over 60 tools and strategies with Drs John and Judy Hinwood, Global Leaders in Stress Management, and you will:

  • Quieten a mind that doesn’t easily shut off
  • Take home tangible stress reducing tools to apply immediately
    in your family, personal life and business – for less hassle,
    fatigue and irritability
  • Learn simple, sustainable, self-care tools and strategies for
    stress management that really work
  • Be able to identify what triggers your stress in your every-day
    life – and how to cope with it
  • Learn to integrate your mental and physical reactions to
    create a calmer you, creating more personal energy
  • Learn how to understand and be more in control of your emotions, health and relationships in
    each moment
  • Regain your personal power and inner strength
  • Apply principles of kinesiology and muscle testing to track your improvement over the weekend
  • Begin to clarify what’s really important to you and learn how to create and integrate more joy and
    laughter into your life
  • Painlessly release any heavy burdens that have weighed on you for a while, maybe even for years.

The Stress to Strength Experience

Day 1 – Freedom Day

  • Understand how stress is robbing you of your life energy
  • Learn how to make great choices in each moment so you are choosing to save and add to your energy and not allow stress to deplete it. You will save time, and some sanity also
  • Learn simple, sustainable self-care tools and strategies to bring you a deep sense of calm and peace
  • Actually experience your innate energy to move yourself from stress into your strength
  • Easily perform a mental rehearsal for reversing stress into resilience – and take this home with you for ongoing results
  • Enjoy some quiet, private times and some fun times

Day 2 – Flourish Day

  • Learn how to reset your internal ‘stress default’ settings so stress becomes your ally, and you move to preventing fatigue and illness
  • Learn to integrate proven guided visualisations to create mindfulness and calm in your busy life
  • Discover, experience and take home profound yet easy healing techniques for a happier, healthier you and your family
  • Learn how to integrate the Laws of Energy to create a life for yourself that you love, and where you flourish
  • Create your own Strength Plan so you have tools and strategies in place, ready, for you to stay calm and manage stressful situations for best results.

What’s Included in the Stress to Strength Experience Package?

The Stress to Strength Experience Workshop

These two days are an EXPERIENCE. It is impossible to describe the content and what we do completely. The outcomes speak for themselves. We have testimonials below.

The Stress to Strength Life Integration Webinar

This is a 2 hourQ&A Review webinar. A special meditation will be included. This is held 3weeks after the workshop.

The Emotional Resilience for Life Program

The first 12 weeks of our 90 weeks Emotional Resilience for Life Program is our gift to you, absolutely free. This is a weekly E-class.

Who Should Attend
The Stress to Strength Experience?

  • Anyone wanting to know how to transform their stress into a source of caring, strength and purpose
  • Professionals who are feeling ‘burnt out’, exhausted or frustrated with their working environment
  • Anyone tired of their stress impacting family members, partners, children, and work colleagues because of their tiredness or irritability.
  • Anyone who suffers from a lack of energy (regardless of how much sleep they have), tight shoulders and neck, anxiety or repeated rapid breathing
  • Working parents juggling family life, business or work and who are time poor
  • Anyone feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by constantly managing a heavy stream of stress
“Wonderful tools to bring hope into your life and enable you to move to a higher state of functioning. UTTERLY MOVING”
Mark Pitcher, Clinical Psychologist, Brisbane, Queensland

“The Stress to Strength training has not only provided me with tools to deal with stress but has supported the development of an impenetrable positive mindset! My logical business brain would ordinarily dispel this type of content, however, the logical brain measures outcomes and the course delivers plenty. The tools gained are powerful and extremely useful.”
Julia Krawitz, Training Manager, Queensland, Police-Citizens Youth Clubs

” The tools and strategies we all engaged in enabled us to better handle stress day to day, to be better focused and to live a life with balance and so much more passion. Thanks, Drs John & Judy.”
Bryan Lunt, Chairman & CEO, Absolute World Group, Hong Kong

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This is a two-day training Course Times:
Registration 8.30am
Course 9.00am to 5.30pm