Enough is Enough

From time to time in our lives we can become so enthralled with the doing, that the being somehow disappears. Maybe this has happened to you also at sometime in your life when you were on a pathway moving forward at speed with no deviation.

In 1997 our coaching, mentoring and consulting business was growing in leaps in and bounds. We started our private client business in Brisbane in 1991 and there we were, six years on,with clients in seven countries and working around the clock. We loved it!

We lived in our magical dream home on the Gold Coast… Continue reading

Are Your Kids ‘Slow Cooking’ Their Brains?

Kids and parks have always been for me synonymous with a place for playing, running, physical activities and letting off steam. In the image above I’m glad that there are two young boys who share my thoughts.

In a recent article in Psychology Today Victoria L Dunckley MD reports some alarming findings … Gray Matter: Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain.

Dunckley states… “But what about kids who aren’t ‘addicted’ per se? Addiction aside, a much broader concern that begs awareness is the risk that screen time is creating subtle damage even in children with ‘regular’ exposure, considering… Continue reading

Stress and Your Brain Activity

Feeling overwhelmed, sleeping poorly and recognising you are isolating yourself is a recipe for becoming stressed out.

Being over worked can cause chronic stress and this can affect your brain size, how it works and how it functions.

When you are stressed your brain reacts by activating the Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Adrenal (HPA) Axis which is the endocrine pathway from your brain to the adrenal glands which are located at the top of each kidney. The hormones secreted control your body’s reaction to stress. The hormone cortisol is released which primes your body for quick action.

Chronic stress creates… Continue reading

Leadership and Human Survival… the Stress Factor

This past weekend I watched a riveting documentary on the incredible journey the Anglo-Irish South Pole explorer Ernest Shackleton made in 1914 -17 in his Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition.

This program reminded me of another Shackleton story I read many years ago about the most successful ad in history that appeared in the Times of London newspaper in 1908. The story was about how we respond when we are challenged by greatness, no matter how stressful the event may be.

“Men wanted for hazardous journey, low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in… Continue reading

Train Until You Vomit?

In training circles there is a belief by some people that ‘training until you vomit’ is the way to get results.

This viewpoint is totally off beam, and if you’re attempting to lose weight it can be leading you into a disaster zone. This is overtraining and very stressful on your body and actually counterproductive.

The overtraining causes your physiology to backfire and release cortisol into your system and your stress levels rise. Instead of feeling alive after you work out, your body can move into a state of chronic fatigue and your hormone balance can be affected, especially while… Continue reading

Dogs, Their Owners, and the Stress Spiral

Three times a week I enjoy pushing my body for 80 minutes climbing Mt Coot-tha in suburban Brisbane. The track is popular with Aussies who are in training to walk New Guinea’s famous Kokoda Trail.

The route our group of anywhere from four to ten men takes, is a very steep trek to the top, up a graded dirt track that four wheel drive vehicles could also use if necessary.

Some walkers, runners, and mountain bike riders who share the track, choose to descend this route as they climbed the mountain from the opposite side.

Our walking group has anywhere… Continue reading

Hey John…is this called Kal-ooy-ah?

We had been speaking and holidaying in the US initially, and finished up in London in time for the Royal wedding at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, on Wednesday, 29th July, when Charles and Diana set the world alight with pomp and ceremony.

On boarding our homeward bound flight at Heathrow Airport, we were seated three across in the economy cabin. We had the aisle and middle seats. The gentleman in the window seat immediately rose to his feet and introduced himself as Charlie from Ashgrove in Brisbane. He sat down and said, “all me mates call me Chas, so you… Continue reading

Confrontation is a Necessary Conversation

The word ‘confront’ brings up many connotations of threat for some of us and it is very common for people to not want to hear or see this word. Many people become stressed because they are living in what has been called the “confrontational box”.

Most of us want to be ‘liked’, and in achieving this end we don’t tell others around us what we need and we often tell those around us what we think they want to hear. This can be a recipe for a personal ‘stress time bomb’ that is ticking away inside us.

Until we… Continue reading

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