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The Stressful Anticipation of Christmas

For some people, the lead up to Christmas takes them to their memory bank which can be over-flowing with memories of previous highly stressful Christmas Days.The ones that have been a disaster fill the front row seats in their mind. Anticipation of their traditional family Christmas can be stressful initially in the planning processes and the daysleading up to the big event.

Those who suffer from anticipation stress usually start to visualize stress as the days get closer to December 25th. With each passing day their feeling of stress gets bigger and bigger.

As we are genetically programmed… Continue reading

The Power of Positive Affirmations

It is so easy for us to love others – even those whom we may feel don’t deserve or earn that benefit.

But for most of us, loving ourselves is a bit more difficult.

We see all of our ‘faults’ and blow them up out of all proportion whilst downplaying, ignoring or just plain disbelieving all of our many assets. Let’s face it, we all have assets – we just need to take the time to admit them to ourselves.

How can we ever move forward without acknowledging and maximising our strengths? Is it any wonder that so many things… Continue reading

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