Lots! Be prepared to shake that worry, fear and overwhelm loose and let it go with your choice of tools, techniques and strategies.

First, we suggest you trysome of our unique and invaluable tools

STOP. Just stop.

Press the PAUSE button. Your health needs it. Your life needs it. You deserve it. Your family deserves the best you that you can bring forward. REST. Just rest till you are better able to see your way forward with more clarity. If you really haven’t much time now to stop, then do the quiet relaxation or meditation tools. But STOP. It is possible that your body will stop you if you don’t.

Take a break!

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Judy Hinwood - Stress to Strength
Sunset to relieve stress

2 Natural Stress Reduction Tools that Really Work


Stress Reduction Strategies

Scream or yell into a pillow if you need to. Go for it. An alternative is go for a drive in your car with the windows up and scream as you drive.

Now, for an hour, for a day, for a minute, take all those worries off your shoulders, back and wherever else you are storing them. You have a big green garbage bag in front of you to put all that stuff into. It’s so worth the time to check through your mind and all your body to ‘catch’ the stress and get rid of it. You might see it, feel it, imagine it or just know where it is – whatever your gifts and talents in your mind are, use them and go for it. No judgements, allow all this to just be fine.

To relax, do something you LOVE like painting, playing with a dog, walking in nature, hiking, and do it full-on, focussed, so your mind can switch itself off.

Find an object like a flower or bird or piece of art that you really like. Look at it, enjoying it and focussing on whatever you like about it, the beauty, the sounds, the colours. Breathe slower than usual and more deeply for a couple of minutes. If your mind wanders, just come back to focussing on your appreciation of the object.

Chrysanthemem flower stress to strengthWrite about the things that are bothering you. Right now please pick up a pen and paper and get it all down – without judging it or you. It all just IS. This is what is happening and this is how you feel about it. This hopefully will lead to some OK’ness with ‘what just is’. How to cope can become clear after doing this. Later, a journal to record your healing journey works well for lots of people.

Attack’ a cushion. Taking a tennis racquet or similar, and beating the heck out of a pillow or mattress is a brilliant stress releaser. Really let it rip and if you can also say or yell what’s angering you, stressing you etc, all the better. Get that emotion out of your body! ‘Better out than in!’ If you feel tingling in your body like your hands or face, be glad as that is the old energy leaving you. Then step forward out of that old energy into a new and positive vision of how you will move forward. This tool is a beauty if you can get past the self conscious part of how silly you may feel starting it.

“[Stress to Strength] skilfully combines the clinical and scientific based knowledge with the intangible, holistic aspects of the field of Stress Management for wellbeing. . These respected leaders in their field are extremely experienced and knowledgeable.
Louise Harrison, Coaching & Workshops, Stress Management and Building Resilience

A supportive and knowledgeable community of inspiring mentors and students exchanging and coaching simple but very effective resilience and stress management tools and strategies based on science. Thank you, John and Judy, for all your wisdom, ongoing support and creating an inspiring and knowledgeable community.
Nadja Conaghan, Corporate Learning Professional

“Drs John and Judy Hinwood provided me with professional tools, capabilities and confidence to address the manifestations of stress in others—and to overcome my own triggers and sticking points. Their teaching was enlightened, thorough, intelligent and compassionate. I learned so very much and gained the ability to interact with others at a deep level, to assist them to return to calmness and to develop emotional strength and insight. I am endlessly grateful to Judy and John and commend them for their wisdom, integrity and commitment.”
Elizabeth Thuan, MA, Reiki Master/Teacher

“John and Judy’s passion and knowledge make them true leaders in this field. Thank you so much for providing me with lifelong stress management skills to share with others.”
Megan Collier, Megan Collier Coaching

2 Natural Stress Reduction Tools that Really Work