Finally with school back in action the business world has also settled into its New Year swing.

I was speaking at a corporate luncheon last week and was asked for my list of

‘De-Stress To Do’s in 2016’ to create a life where stress did not dominate my life. My first response was to reply that as stress is a perception, I have a choice as to how I perceive the world and people around me, and then act accordingly.

My personal choice is that I don’t allow people, places and things to create negative stress in my life, so stress for me when it comes into play is a useful tool.

The person asking the question just had to have an answer so they could set in place some ‘2016 De-Stress Resolutions’. Here is my list.

  1. Adopt a cat or dog as these loving joyful beasts have been shown to have a major effect on supporting people to reduce their level of stress. The unconditional love that these special animals give their owners are the best ‘de-stress pill’ in the marketplace. You get to secrete good amounts of the healing hormone Oxytocin due the love exchanges that take place each day.
  2. Volunteer some time, preferably in a people contact environment to support people who need a boost in some way. It has been shown in numerous studies to be highly beneficial to the giver as well as the receiver and stress levels of both parties often reduce markedly.
  3. Book your next holiday now so you can have pleasant meditations and/or visualisations of your time at the beach, hiking in the bush, snorkelling on a coral reef or just relaxing at a great ‘get away’ spot. These become healing meditations and great activities to lower stress levels.
  4. De-clutter your personal space, this maybe at home, work or your car. The more you let go of stuff, emotional turmoil leaves with it and your stress levels drop.
  5. Exercise on a more regular basis. Look to find a friend or a small group of friends to exercise with several times a week. A recent Sydney University study concluded that 300 minutes per week was ideal. The social interaction lowers your stress levels also, as a bonus the physical effect on lowering stress levels.
  6. Sleep at least 7 hours a night. If you need to work longer hours sometimes, you are a heavy party person or a family member is ill and you have supportive duties, create ‘sleep catch ups’. Your nervous system and brain need time to recharge each day and your body goes into healing mode when you sleep. Your ‘cortisol pump’ needs a good rest and recovery time also each day.
  7. Eat good fresh tucker every day. Start with lemon or lime juice in water at the start of each day to support liver function and enhance your detoxification. Drink lots of water, including a glass just as you go to bed at night.

The person who asked the question was very happy with the answer and they could see how easy the suggestions were to action, they made sense and were natural.

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