Cortisol, like every other hormone in the body, has a specific purpose. Its main activity is to support us to respond in a positive way to a threat which may harm us. It instantly fires up the fright, fight, flight process along with other hormones to protect us.

Cortisol also regulates the energy levels of the body. It does this by mov­ing energy from fat stores to tissues that need it and, when the body is under stress, by providing protein for conversion into energy.

If you are anxious, cortisol will impede performance, however, if you are excited, new research has found that it boosts performance!

Here are 5 easy ways to keep your cortisol levels under control, which not only makes weight loss efforts easier, but makes life just more enjoyable.

    1. Exercise… choose exercise that you love to do. Research has shown that low-intensity exercise lowers cortisol levels
    1. Sleep… make sure you get enough. Research tells us that 7 to 8 hours sleep is ideal to allow your brain to complete its cleaning process. Also, you need to get enough sleep
    1. Do things that you enjoy and find relaxing. Focus on these joyful activities – like reading a book, listening to your favourite music, gardening, going for a walk, watching movies, or whatever these special things are for you.
    1. Re-think regular alcohol. TV and movies constantly show us people engaging in alcohol as a de-stress tool, where in fact, it has an opposite effect of the body. The way to go is to cut back on alcohol
  1. Avoid the late-night news just before bed. Anticipatory stress is a major problem for many people. Research has identified that bad news can increase your stress levels and interfere in a major way with healthy sleep.

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