The 60 Second De-Stress Workout

Recently I read an excellent e-book by neuroscientist Mark Waldman PhD on 10 Mind Blowing Discoveries About the Human Brain. Waldman emphasises… “our thoughts, indeed, even a single word – have the power to change the structure and functioning of many other parts of the brain.”

A key point from the book that we can all easily put into place in our busy lifestyles the practice of a 5:1“Positivity Ratio”if you want to build optimism and create resilience to stress. This is because the brain’s propensity to turn negative experiences into memories. The great news is that we can all train our brains to interrupt negativity and generate optimistic thoughts.


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Take Care of Yourself First

After reading his e-book and digesting the thoughts and ideas expressed, plus other ideas I have created over the years has led me to an easy to do and easy to master a 60 second workout. You can put this in place once every hour at work and at home when you feel you need it,to support you to relax and to de-stress.

‘The60 Second De-Stress Workout’

  1. Slowly stretch your arms above your head, and stretch your neck and torso as you breath low and slow. This turns off past negative experiences and it releases dopamine which motivates you to work harder.
  2. As you stretch allow your brain to daydream or go mind-wandering. This allows for the essential process of encoding new information into long-term memory.
  3. Yawning slows down your system. Too much stress disrupts neural activity in your brain. Yawning lowers the hyperactivity in frontal lobe functioning and instantly creates relaxation.
  4. Stroking your palms, hands and arms will enable you to enter a deep state of relaxation very quickly.
  5. Have a good laugh as you watch a 20 to 30 second very funny video clip of your choice. This causes the ‘happy hormones’ oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins to be released. These hormones are the ‘stress busters’.

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