We start developing emotional resilience tools and strategies as a young child, however, we very often discard some of these tools as we get older, as we feel it may make us appear weak.

As a young child, we quickly learn to put out our hand to engage the support of mum or dad, brother or sister, nannie or poppy or another kind soul who plays a leadership role in our life.

I was reminded of the power of this support tool today when one of my granddaughters Rosie was visiting. After a few minutes in our home she asked me, “Poppy, where’s Jonah?”. As we headed outside into the garden together, this little poppet dressed in her tutu and ballet shoes put out her hand so we could wander off together hand in hand to find our large loving and gentle fourteen-year-old male Burmese cat. Jonah had been snoozing and sunning himself in the vegetable garden.

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After finding Jonah, he was so happy to follow us inside and come and sit with us on the lounge.Rosie, her mum Beth and I then spent special time patting and loving him. The flow of calming healing energy from this purring love machine, together with the secretion of the ‘happy hormone’ oxytocin began immediately as Rosie, Jonah, Beth and I all connected.

Oxytocin was flowing both ways, from cat to humans and visa versa.

After spending half an hour with family, I drove to the city to support my great mate who is struggling with stomach cancer.

He is also reaching out and putting up his hand for support as his physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is currently being severely challenged. The support of three of his mates on his Advisory Board is a de-stressing and support tool. We are working to support him in his business as he goes through his recovery process.

He is also working to muster as many ‘happy hormones ‘ as he can to enhance his healing process.

The Stress Management Institute® conducts training for those individuals who wish to become a qualified Stress Management Practitioner or Stress Management Facilitator and embark on either a full time or part time exciting career caring for and supporting people who are struggling to cope with stress. If you are looking for a career change, or you wish to add a Stress Management and Emotional Resilience specialty to your current career, please call +61 1 300 663 979 or email info@stressmanagementinstitute.org

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