On my morning walk yesterday the dew was glistening on the leaves of the trees as the sun was doing its thing to keep me warm on a sub-tropical winters’ morning. The pleasant constant sounds of the bush, the birds calling, my inhaling all those life enhancing bacteria, as well as enjoying the special plant smells all allowed me to drop into my ‘walking meditation’.

People I meet in all walks of life often comment, “you are such a calm person, how do you get like this when you lead an incredibly busy life?”.

My answer to this question is, ‘you have to create calm, work at it, and make it happen’.

Our autonomic nervous system works involuntarily and is divided into two parts, the sympathetic (“fight or flight”) and the parasympathetic (“rest and digest”). Working to be more parasympathetic is a key to moving into the calm.

Flinders University medical researcher Professor Neil Pillar says that to lead a life of calm you need to be 54% parasympathetic dominant. This can be a tough call for some people who feed on a diet of high stressful encounters.

A great friend Jacque Rose one of our graduate Stress Management Practitioners shared an interesting story with Judy and I two days ago.

A week ago, she made a major purchase of a three-seater lounge after budgeting for it over many months. She paid cash for it and had to wait until last Saturday morning for it to be delivered to her home.

The delivery arrived at the agreed time and the two delivery men were very friendly blokes.

Jacque said, “I was bouncing around with such excitement I was like a little kid with a new toy, and the driver made a strange comment.”

He said, “How good is this, most people we deliver goods to are unhappy and often grumpy and expect more. It’s great to experience your joy, it’s not often we see this.”

Jacque, Judy and I then contemplated… why would people be unhappy when a new lounge, or TV, or fridge or what-ever the item may be that arrives at their home?

Lifeline reports in the above Poll that 47% of Australian’ suffer from Financial Stress.

Our conclusion was that for many people who purchase big ticket items with no payment down, that their debt is increasing and so is their financial stress. They have 60 months interest FREE, however, their debt is going through the roof and they can see no end to it.

A state of calm didn’t arrive with the new sparkling item for many, what arrived was more debt burden and mounting stress.

Jacque waited until she had saved the cash and then had the sheer joy of enjoying her purchase. She could then RELAX in a state of CALM on her new couch.

How can you start to enjoy more calm in your life?

Commit to a debt reduction budget and self-administer a ‘wonder drug’.

Dr Thomas Frieden, Director of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention in the US has stated, “the closest thing we have to a wonder drug is walking”.

One of the keys to good health is to engage in Eustress or good stress every day and incorporating a walk into your daily routine enhances your health.

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The Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems by Dr. Russ Harris

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