A good friend from Canada Dr Tom Preston sent me his weekly newsletter last night on the topic of taking control of procrastination in your life. He started his article by stating…

“It’s so easy to sleep with a smartphone next to my bed.  I can set 5 alarms to go off anytime between 4AM and 6AM just in case my body really feels like it needs more rest. Ever said that to yourself?

If I don’t feel like getting up at 5AM, but the 3rd alarm has my eyes open I can check my email, the news or a Facebook feed until I warm up a bit.   After all, it is just SO COMFY in my warm bed.

OK just a quick retweet to the practice twitter page and then I am out of bed… then an Instagram favourite…

Next thing you know you are sprinting – feverishly looking for your keys and, if you are lucky, you nab a bagel as you dash through the door with different coloured socks on.

Ever been your reality?

Or something that sounds similar?”

This life style can be quite stressful for many people. They live this way as they believe that they ‘have to live like this, as most people do’.

Starting your morning on waking with more time than you need, allows you to start your day in a calm and relaxed state. A five minute meditation or sharing with your partner, or with yourself, about what you are grateful for today, allows you to experience eustress or good stress even before you get out of bed. This is a very life enhancing practice.

Maybe morning exercise every day or on some days is your preferred way to start the day, a longer meditation or some other relaxing morning ritual you have created for yourself.

A great place to park your Smartphone for the evening is in another room to let it recharge for the next day, and let yourself recharge also, in a quiet and relaxed space.

Forget about the alarm feature on your Smartphone, buy a small travel clock if you need an alarm in the morning.

Make your bedroom a place of fun, play, joy, peace, relaxation where you can disconnect from the world for a part of every 24 hour cycle.

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