Today, fatigue is an extremely commonly reported symptom that people state that they are suffering from. Fatigue is a subjective feeling of tiredness which is distinct from weakness, and has a gradual onset.

The University of Western Australia says fatigue refers to mental or physical exhaustion that stops a person from being able to function normally. It is more than simply feeling tired or drowsy. Fatigue is caused by prolonged periods of physical and/or mental exertion without enough time to rest and recover.

A Victorian Government study reported that fatigue can be a major source of stress among employees, and fatigue can significantly affect an employee’s capacity to function. It can impact on an employees’ performance and productivity, and increase the potential for workplace injuries to occur.


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In 2008 Queensland Workplace Health and Safety reported that being awake for 17 hours is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol level of 0.05. Being awake for 20 hours is the equivalent of having a blood alcohol level of 0.1.3

In times of stress our body needs four to five times more nutrients  than a normal day when we are relaxed and our life is going along beautifully.Good quality nutrition is often overlooked as the ‘fast food’ mass advertised offerings are snapped up by busy and time poor individuals.

The seriousness of this symptom cannot be overstated. Because when most people get tired or sleepy they reach for artificial stimulation like sugar and caffeine. Over time, this leads to major chemical imbalances in the brain and body. Along with the fact of our severally nutrient deficient food sources(i.e. fast food) eventually cause organ BURNOUT.

Eventually with artificial over-stimulation of the body, brain neurotransmitters like Serotonin (feel good molecule) and Dopamine (motivation molecule) become depleted, and the following organs begin getting burned out after years of over-stimulation: heart, pancreas, adrenal glands, and the thyroid gland.

Unfortunately, at this point in time it is deemed to be necessary to utilize a major drug path where psychotropic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, stimulants, as well as sleeping medications need to be used to balance the energy in the body and brain.

How about learning how to avoid the negative cascade of events that result in chronic low levels of energy and daily fatigue? Explore how easy it is to build emotional resilience by natural means so you don’t allow yourself to run this pathway in your life.

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