Some New Traps When Sleeping Away from Home

When we are travelling it is a joy to go to a resort or hotel and be the recipient of a room, suite or apartment that has recently been built or refurbished. The accommodation has all the ‘mod-cons’ installed that provide you with ultimate comfort.

Sometimes, the excessive devices that have been installed in the room you sleep in, can be so over the top in features that once you close the delightful curtains that totally black out any sources… Continue reading

Draino’s and Energy Vampires

On the journey of life, we may come across people who are a neighbour or extended family member, maybe an Uncle and Aunt that we wish we had never met. You do everything possible to avoid them or you see them only once a year at a special family function. You tolerate them because they are your neighbour or family member, but they absolutely drain you! You feel like they have beaten you up.

These people are experts at stressing… Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Stress and Lower Cortisol Levels

Cortisol, like every other hormone in the body, has a specific purpose. Its main activity is to support us to respond in a positive way to a threat which may harm us. It instantly fires up the fright, fight, flight process along with other hormones to protect us.

Cortisol also regulates the energy levels of the body. It does this by mov­ing energy from fat stores to tissues that need it and, when the body is under stress, by providing… Continue reading

Seven Simple Must Do’s to Live a Long Life

Stress is bio accumulative and it creeps up on us and it can take us out in a heart-beat.

Regular holidays are health giving and life giving. They allow us to detach from our normal routine and environment to relax and reset your default settings so you can create new healthy habits that enhance your wellbeing in the now as well as into the future.

In 2017 I wrote a blog titled… Creating a Stress-Hardy MindsetChanging… Continue reading

The Stress Response… Jack Reacher

The Christmas/New Year period is either an over-stress and/or dis-stress time for many people or a eustress stimulating and relaxing time for others… it’s either a time of ‘bad’ stress, or a time of ‘good’ stress.

For me this year, it was a wonderful time of eustress. My wife Judy had given me some fantastic books to lay back and read when I wasn’t watching the Australia – India Test Cricket matches, or snoozing.

It was a time to relax,… Continue reading

Strategies to Manage Christmas Holiday Stress

Remember that stress is “any real or imagined threat, and your body’s response to it.” Christmas celebrations can re-kindle thoughts about past tragedies and also sometimes you feel you “have to connect”with family members you do not want to communicate with, just to hold the family peace.

Relationships such as those above can cause a stress response in your body, thereby affecting your brain chemistry, blood sugar levels, hormonal balance and immune function.

Financial worries, health issues, or… Continue reading

Do You Ask for Support?

Whenever I am delivering a keynote, a training, a workshop or a retreat I always ask my audience within the first 10 minutes, do you ask for support?

This past year I have experienced some very interesting audience responses. More about that later.

The typical group response when I ask for a show of hands to the question… are you happy to support others? is always 95 % to 100% of participants.

However, when I ask, do you ask for… Continue reading

Who Knew… Men Knitting and De-Stressing?

Men were the key participants who once populated the medieval knitting guilds of Europe, and men are once again picking up the needles.

Last Sunday morning in Brisbane the Stress Management Institute® hosted their graduation for Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner and Certificate in Stress Management Facilitator students. A Skype video link was also used to connect with student’s interstate.

So, where does Men Knitting and De-Stressing fit into a graduation ceremony?

This Weeks Video…

Healing Guided Meditation –… Continue reading

The Stress-Alzheimer’s Connection

My mother was a beautiful soul, kind, caring, loving, smart, hard working and a whip smart small business woman who was also highly innovative.

She lived a good happy life, married for over 50 years and passed on peacefully at 89 with her family around her.

However, in her early 80’s dementia set in and the last 5 years of her life she couldn’t speak and was cared for by ‘Angel’ carers in a very special Alzheimer’s Centre.

Growing up,… Continue reading

Leg Muscle Strength For a Healthy Brain

The University of Newcastle in Australia is currently conducting a research study with 22 high schools evaluating the relationship between physical fitness, brain function and student stress levels. The interim results indicate that the fitter the student is, the lower their stress levels are.

While exercise is primarily valued for its influence on physical health, strength and mobility, there is an increasing body of knowledge showing that physical exercise, especially strength training, is just as important for a healthy brain,enhanced… Continue reading

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