Recently I came across this diagram by Jacob Devaney in an article discussing how muscles in our body, especially the Psoas muscle, also known as the “muscle of the soul” lock up chronically as the result of long term stress in our lives.

The Psoas muscle was one of the Common Muscle Storage Points I referred to in my last blog and you will see it marked in the front on view of the body in the lower abdominal area on the right and left sides.

Although Devaney has this diagram in his article, he makes no reference to it in any manner.

Often participants in our workshops and students in our Cert IV in Stress Management Practitioner and our Certificate in Stress Management Facilitator training, ask…where does chronic stress cause breakdowns inside and outside of our bodies?

As you can see in the diagram, key body areas and organs are identified and the effects of stress are listed.

The brain for fatigue, decreased concentration and decreased mood

The face for changes in skin texture, loss of skin tone, loss of moisture

The heart for narrowing of the arteries and increased blood glucose

The intestines or gut for decreased nutrient absorption, alterations in gut motility, leaky gut

The adrenal glands for hormonal imbalances and increased cortisol production

The Peyer’s patches in the wall of the small intestine for decreased immunity

The muscles where muscle protein breakdown occurs

These are the key areas you need to be aware of and work to continually de-stress yourself.

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