Don’t let stress control you this Christmas/New Year holiday season. Use these proven self-help tools and strategies we will share with you to lessen stress and bring calm into your Christmas Festive season.

Don’t be put off when a friend tells you or you hear on a radio talk show that the highest death rates are on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Why is this you may ask?

The most common causes of a stress spike at this time of year are…

  • overindulgence in alcohol and food
  • extremely cold weather or heat wave conditions depending which hemisphere you reside in
  • having to spend a day or more with family members you may despise or not trust, to keep the family peace
  • having to borrow money or create excessive credit card debt to buy gifts your feel you are expected to buy
  • a feeling of not being in control of your life during this time
  • maybe feeling you are being ‘used,’ like a ‘doormat’


This Weeks Video…

Meditation Idea for Appreciation and Gratefulness – Dr Judy Hinwood

Most of us work at having orderly and peaceful lives. Stress is an intrusion to our peaceful existence. We tend to develop less stress when we get into certain routines. A set routine for Christmas Day and the rest of the Festive Season can be a great help to prevent you and those around you from becoming stressed out.

We all want to feel safe and secure, however getting older, is a time that we realize that we cannot always count on things being the same. We experience different incidents in our lives that can turn our world upside down and cause us to feel stressed. Most of these incidents we cannot control, others we can control to a certain degree. Some of us are fortunate that these festive season stressors don’t bother us, some of us do not experience these stressors until adulthood. Others experience stress as young children.

To keep your Christmas Stress List as close to zero as possible, I suggest that you look in advance at the things that ‘press your buttons’ at Christmas, and work on some calming strategies that will assist you to move from stress to strength if these stress events surface in your space.

Choose from these proven strategies what you can put into place to assist you to create calm:

  • Stop… acceptance of what ‘just is’ today
  • It’s not the day you have to be ‘right’!
  • Breathe, take 3 deep low and slow breaths through your nose to the count of 6, then out through your mouth to the count of 6 (repeat as often as needed)
  • Be thankful and grateful that you have family and friends around you at this very special time of the year
  • Then trust yourself and your inborn, natural wisdom that all will be OK, if you just ‘let go’ and relax
  • Dump what isn’t needed to be done at all
  • Delegate what you aren’t the best person to handle
  • ASK for help before you need it, share the responsibilities

From our team at Stress to Strength and the Stress Management Institute we wish you well during the Festive Season and may your Christmas be filled with laughter, fun and calm.

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