How to Calmly Address Yelling

Yelling can be damaging to relationships. It is not a constructive way to deal with a difficult situation when communicating with others. At some time in our life, most of us have engaged in yelling as a venting mechanism when we are stressed.Some more than others.

As a tool, used when you are alone in a private space, yelling can be a major stress release technique for some people. After they have had a good yelling session driving around in their car with the windows wound up and music powering in the background, these individuals who love nothing better than a robust physical release, find that they can then move to the calm, and feel relaxed and at peace.

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The Cylinder Tool – Dr Judy Hinwood

You may ask, why are some people constant yellers?

When someone is constantly yelling at others in life, they feel they are displaying emotional control over you. Their goal is to gain an upper hand in the situation and the yelling is their means of gaining control over you. It is a form of intimidation and bullying. The yelling may work in the short term.

When someone is angry and they are yelling, there are a variety of reasons why they are yelling. Their yelling reflects their emotional instability, even though their yelling is intended to show strength and dominance in the situation. Below are some of the reasons a person yells when angry:

  • Learned behaviour … their parents yelled on a regular basis.
  • Feeling threatened … because they feel the other person is not listening to them.
  • Ineffective coping skills … using emotional outbursts as their way of coping in life.
  • Aggressive tendencies … some people are aggressive individuals by their nature.
  • Out of control … they feel a loss of control over the situation.

Some managers and others in places of power who lack good communication skills, may resort to yelling at subordinates.

The outcome is that the employee who receives these outbursts from their superior may feel very uneasy and stressed.

A highly effective tool we teach participants at the various training courses we deliver is called the Cylinder Tool.

As soon as the offensive individual enters your personal space, drop a clear cylinder of protection that encircles you and it prevents the persons unwanted energies from penetrating your energy bubble.

Problem solved.

Peoples’ demanding, overwhelming, pushy, angry and over-the-top energies just bounce off and away and they don’t reach you.

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