Have you ever felt that you just had to Switch Off now? That if you didn’t, your vulnerability to stress could just take you out of the game of life and you would have no answer to your situation.

The pace of life now days is unrelenting, and we can easily feel we are continually on the go with everyone around us expecting instant answers and instant solutions. Overwhelm is becoming a major health problem and causing an alarming increase in chronic stress for people in all walks of life.

We returned last Friday morning from a ten day R & R cruise to New Caledonia in the south Pacific Ocean. What a wonderful de-stressor, a super relaxing experience, a total turn off, and the perfect chill out time.

Our decision was to turn off our mobile phones and not log onto the net so no emails either. WOW… what a time saving, also a financial one as rates on cruise ships via satellite connection is expensive.

However, the biggest wins were the peace, serenity, and calm that came immediately into our lives. Instant de-stress.

We relaxed, ate good food (a bit too much actually), exercised, read, relaxed in the spa, enjoyed some great evening shows, and had afternoon naps when we were at sea in the cruising mode. On shore walks, swimming and snorkelling in pristine waters made the trip memorable.

On arriving home ten days later, last Friday afternoon, we picked up our scanner which had been in for service, and the owner of the large service centre, Rob, was quick to tell me that in a week’s time he is off to Hawaii with his wife for a seven day de-stress cruise.

Rob’s biggest win he was so looking forward to was… you guested it… no mobile phone calls or emails to answer.

Funny thing, no one really missed us, our business chugged forward beautifully and we returned much healthier and happier people.

How easy is it really to… Just Switch Off! We plan to take four day weekends regularly to follow the “switch off” plan.

By Dr John Hinwood
for the Stress to Strength team

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