A common thread our private clients report, our students often comment on that their volunteer clients struggle with, and similar comments come from business audiences, is… too much work creates stress and not getting it done quickly enough creates even more stress.

If life feels like that to you then you could be headed towards ‘burnout’.

One-third of employees say ‘burnout’ was a reason for them to take sick leave. It topped the list of reasons to take a sick day…Safe Work Australia Survey

Do you have a list of items like the one below?

  • Emails are piling up unanswered
  • Text messages seem never ending and people expect an instant response
  • Phone calls are not getting done on time
  • You’re getting behind with the URGENT work
  • You don’t have any ME TIME available
  • You’re not seeing the family as much as you’d like
  • You’re not spending enough time relaxing with friends
  • You can’t wait for that glass of wine at night so you can wind down

When the stress just gets too much, if you don’t STOP and breath and take a break, then stress can move to anxiety. Some people find that if it all gets too much, they can start to experience ‘panic attacks’.

What to do when things get out of control.

Creating blocks of time is a key to enable you to take control of your life to handle emails, respond to texts, enjoy family time, set aside each day some ME time, relaxation time, time with friends, holidays etc. If you don’t create your OWN time, nobody else will.
Go for it, create the life of your dreams where you are the master of your destiny and you move from a life of chaos into the calm.

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