In a relay race both of the athletes have to make a choice for the good of the team. Each baton change involves an athlete choosing to give and another athlete choosing to receive. The desired outcome is to have the smoothest changes possible while each athlete is running at maximum speed.

Every day on the stage of life we are called on to make choices. Some people are good at making choices and can do it quickly, while others, seem to take forever.

Choosing to live a life where stress is your friend, and not a life where stress is your enemy that continually wants to strike you down, is closely related to choice. Some people choose to let stress be their master, while others sit back and make no choice, with the result that stress chooses them.

The third group continually explore how they can use stress to enhance their lives.

There are also other individuals who appear to be virtually immune from stress being a problem affecting their lives adversely. These individuals live in a body that is Parasympathetic dominant. What does this mean?

The Autonomic (Automatic) nervous system is the unconscious mode that provides the body with the nerve circuits that operate our life support systems in breathing, circulation, digestion, the flow of hormones in our body, immune system, lymphatic system and so many more functions. This system is made up of the Sympathetic aspect which is the ‘speed me up’ component that is very active, especially in our waking hours and the Parasympathetic aspect which takes over at night as the ‘calm me down’ component that supports us as we sleep.

Each of us is either sympathetic or parasympathetic dominant and the majority of the population errs on the sympathetic side. I’m in the fortunate smaller group that is parasympathetic dominant so stress in my daily life is in most instances, not a negative for me. And sleeping is a natural for me. Head on the pillow and I’m ‘out for the count’ until the alarm wakes me, or I wake naturally on those mornings when I can sleep as long as my body clock desires.

Choosing to learn tools and strategies that support you to move out of the stress and into the calm is a life changer and enhances every aspect of your life.

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