Recently a fellow Chiropractor in the US Dr Don Clum who is also a nutritionist, shared his thoughts about the role of the adrenal glands, chronic fatigue and stress issues.

Don’s breakdown of where cortisol is produced in the body and why, is not the normal understanding most people have about this powerful hormone we produce. Here are Don’s thoughts regarding the physiological response in the body.

Adrenal fatigue is what is associated with cortisol imbalances and chronic fatigue. Your adrenal glands might be working just fine, and you are actually blaming them for a crime they didn’t commit and consequently you might be ignoring the real culprit.

Only about one third of our cortisol is made in the adrenal glands. One third is made in the brain, and the last third in our fat tissue.

Cortisol is an anti-inflammatory. Think of someone with a bad shoulder or knee injury, what is given to them? Prednisole, a cortico-steroid, a major anti-inflammatory medication. That is synthetic cortisol at high levels.

Hormones like cortisol are not a big issue then they are secreted in a pulsatile fashion, showing up when needed and then being processed out of the system.

The trigger for the initial pulse of cortisol comes from the nervous system in what is called a sympathetic (stress) response. Normally that trigger would come and go and cortisol would do its magic and the body would then clean the excess cortisol out of the system, all good and very healing.

When the nervous system is continually triggering the sympathetic response, even if mildly after a pulse of cortisol then the clean-up doesn’t happen, and the cortisol stays around to create that over exposure state and turn a healing experience into an illness experience.

The nervous system has to switch out of the sympathetic mode and turn up the parasympathetic or cleaning mode.

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One major contributor: Insulin.

Here is the kicker, insulin does this primarily in the fat tissue and brain. So, your little adrenals might be working fine but the agitation and sympathetic stimulation in the brain and fat cells form the chronic presence of moderate to high insulin keeps them inflamed and producing cortisol. Hence why cortisol levels might come back “normal” in the blood but there still is a problem.

So, if you are not aware of this or your doctor isn’t then we could get in the habit of whipping our poor little adrenals when they are not at fault here. People are taking all sorts of products designed to target adrenal function, fatigue and energy when these little guys are the only ones not involved and, in this case, too much of a good thing can throw off a negative feedback loop and eventually wear out the one third of your cortisol mechanism, your adrenals, and compound the problem. And why you might get worse even when “helping” the adrenals.

1. Insulin friendly diet
2. 5-8 walks a day that are 5-8 minutes each
3. Fasting rotation concepts
4. Raise parasympathetic tone: Breathing, meditation, chiropractic
5. Targeted brain/fat detox efforts/support if indicated

Your adrenals might be doing just fine in all this, give them some credit and go after the 66% that matters!

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