“The most promising approach to the control of CANCER
is a national commitment to prevention.”

New England Journal of Medicine- 1997

In a recent study published in March 2016 in Nature Communications a research team found that chronic stress induces signalling from the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and drives cancer progression, although the pathways of tumour cell dissemination are unclear. However, chronic stress restructures lymphatic networks within and around tumours to provide pathways for tumour cell escape.

Many clinical studies have linked the experience of stressful events to poor cancer survival. Also, chronic periods of stress can be detrimental to health by increasing inflammation and promoting the progression of cancer

In other words, what a lot of research is saying is that a high percentage of cancer is due to interference caused by structural, dietary and toxic stresses. This means that cancer has a strong link to being environmentally controlled,not genetically.

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Meditation for Health – Pool of Calm – Dr Judy Hinwood

Yes, you can take control of your health and future quality of life by what you eat and drink, the quality of the air that you expose yourself to, whether you smoke, your level of exercise and how you choose to think.

Thirty three years ago my wife and business partner Dr Judy Hinwood was diagnosed with cancer and she made the tough decision to follow a natural path to bring about healing in her body using many natural resources that were available.

The development of some unique tools and strategies to engage the mind to be a huge support in her healing process is some of what she shares with the participants in our Stress to Strength Experience two day workshop.

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