ideasStress to Strength assists you to define and develop your stress-less life. We provide you with personalised strategic coaching and mentoring on stress management, either at an executive level, one on one, in pairs or in small groups via telephone or Skype. We work with you concentrating on useful, problem solving and stimulating solution based tools and strategies, designed to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Mentoring is generally considered to refer to the process in which an individual has regular dialogue with and receives advice from a more experienced member of society on a whole range of issues relating to the individual’s vocation, relationships and general life situations.

A Mentor is a trusted guide with whom to share all our hopes and aspirations, confident that they will adapt to our daily needs, adopting the role of stern taskmaster, library of knowledge and inspiration, or persistent motivator, but always as educator, in order to help us reach and grasp our dream.

A mentor has been described as someone who provides wisdom without the wait or the loss of another. The greatest things we can gain from mentoring are time, knowledge, experience and connections.

Elite athletes, singers and dancers have known about the benefits of coaches for years and now the business community is starting to embrace the phenomenon. In fact, over 70% of US Fortune 500 company executives employ a personal coach.

While another recent survey reported clients from all areas in life saw a 60% improvement in their work-life balance as a result of using management and integration techniques.

John and Judy Hinwood have specialised in coaching and mentoring business professionals, with an accent on health care practitioners since 1991

Michael Massey
Global Director of Wellness Operations, Absolute World Group, Phuket, Thailand

“In the last 15 years I have experienced a bankruptcy, a divorce, moving from Australia to live in Thailand, a tsunami, establishing a thriving business, being a single father of two teenage boys, and the various other excitements and challenges that life brings along. I first met Dr John Hinwood is Brisbane during my days as a bankrupt 15 years ago while living in a flat at the back of my in-laws garage.

During this period, one constant I have been able to rely on and trust, is the coaching I receive from Dr John Hinwood. Throughout my successes, failures, adventures and swings, he maintains a keen eye and ear on my progress, my process, and ensures that I stay true to being the best I can be. Without his experience, sensitivity and mindfulness I would not be enjoying the life I am today running my own a thriving businesses in Phuket and being the Global Director of Wellness for a major company which operates in nine countries around the world.

There are plenty of coaches with plenty of razzle dazzle out there. But if you want a man who you can trust implicitly, who will stand beside you no matter what, who knows what it’s like to be a father, who understands how to build a successful business, a person who will be there for you for years and years and years, probing, pushing, cajoling and encouraging you to always be shooting to be all of who you can be – call John.”

What you receive as a client of our Stress Management Personal Coaching service

Every client receives support according to his or her personal needs, based on our extensive experience over the past twenty four years coaching and mentoring clients spread throughout eleven countries around the world. Our services include:

  • strong emphasis on personal stress management
  • motivational and inspirational support
  • ongoing personal strategic coaching for problem-solving
  • support in stress/life balance and integration
  • personal expansion of life and relationship skills

Stress Management Personal Coaching Program

Your personal, confidential coach to meet your specific needs

You are provided with information and training to enhance your work, relationships and life. Stress to Strength also assists you to find solutions to your everyday life opportunities and/problems, as they occur.

You will receive a thirty minute time slot on a specified day either weekly or twice a month for your personal strategic coaching session.

You will receive personal fulfilment support to assist you to enjoy your work, life and relationships more, to handle adversity and to realise your dreams in a life where stress becomes your friend.

Stress to Strength Direct-Action Email Line
As a Stress to Strength coaching client, you have direct access to our coaching administrator via unlimited email support 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Ongoing Communication via Direct Mail and Email
From time to time Stress to Strength will send clients special bulletins, work sheets, and other tools to enhance the outcome of the personal strategic coaching process.

Additional Stress to Strength Services, Consulting and/or Support

Stress to Strength has available outside expert consultants with successful experience in business and life management areas.

Anthony Davis
Managing Director, Brightwater Business Coaching,
Brisbane, Australia

“I recently wrote an article on how to find a great coach and Dr John Hinwood matched all of the key points about which I wrote. He is a strategic thinker and has a lifetime of experiences to bring to those he coaches. His systematic approach creates confidence and security. His empathetic style ensures that everyone likes John. In over 20 years of knowing him, I have never met anyone who doesn’t like John.

He has the courage to push for what he believes is just and never stops short of achieving every goal he sets.

He is a living walking example of ‘living an exemplary life’ to those he coaches.

I have worked with John as my personal and business coach over the past few years … time flies when you are having fun. He is prepared to push me as hard as I need to be pushed to achieve the outcomes I desire … for my own benefit.

I revere my relationship with John and recommend him to everyone who seeks to create miracles in their lives.”


As a client of the Stress to Strength Coaching Program you have the right to expect the following standards from us:

    • Outstanding Service – You will receive outstanding professional and personal service.
    • Personal Care – Your perception is always the reality. You will be delighted as a client, if not, we will do everything in our power to make it that way.
    • Respect – You will be treated with the utmost respect and we will respond to your needs in the best way possible
    • Exceptional Quality – Our Personal Strategic Coaching will be of exceptional quality designed to add significantly to you, your business, family and your relationships. You have the right to expect this.
    • Pro-Active Support – You will receive total support in the implementation of our program to ensure you can maximize the value to your business and your life. Our support will extend to a pro-active ongoing involvement which will be uniquely responsive to your needs and goals.
    • New Information – You will always be kept informed with ideas and new relevant information that comes to hand.
    • Honesty – You’ll always find us honest and up-front with you and we will honour our commitments to you.
    • Referral – Whenever you refer others to Stress to Strength Coaching, we will treat them with respect also, so you can feel good about referring.



As a coaching client it is important that the relationship between us is two way. In order to make the relationship communication effective, we expect the following from you:

    • Understanding – You will understand that our suggestions are designed to add significantly to your business and your life. You’ll do your part by committing time and energy as well as investing in those solutions suggested to achieve your aims.
    • Mutual Respect – Life can be hectic, and things change, but you will do your best to keep appointment times with your coach, and let them know if possible in advance if there are any changes, as you would expect of them.
    • Feedback – You will offer honest feedback as to how we’re performing, and make suggestions where you can see we can improve.
    • Promptness – You will meet your payment schedule as per your agreement.
    • Referrals – You will be asked to refer new clients to Stress to Strength Coaching by telling them the benefits you have received. Then we will continue to grow and always be here for you.

Pauline Walsh,
Mooroolbark, Vic, Australia

“Judy is an outstanding coach and mentor. I have found her insightful and thorough. She will not allow you to get away with using less than the magnificent potential she sees in you. Working with Judy is life changing it will take you to levels you never thought possible.”



Your Stress to Strength coaching and mentoring will be for an initial 12 month period. Your membership agreement with Stress to Strength can be automatically renewed to support you to stay coaching for an extended period. Your coaching sessions are billed and charged monthly by credit card.

To get started simply scroll down the page and complete your Confidential Expression of Interest in Coaching and Mentoring Questionnaire, scan it and email it to

If you need to have some questions answered before proceeding please email and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Please include your mobile/cell and after-hours telephone numbers in your email.

Your application will be assessed by Dr’s John and Judy Hinwood and you will be offered a FREE 30 minute personal and private teleconference to see if you are suited to the Stress to Strength Program.


Personal Coaching and Mentoring
Stress to Strength assists you to define and develop your goals for success. We provide you with personalised coaching and mentoring together with ongoing varied, useful and stimulating information designed to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Your Personal Mentor is a trusted guide with whom to share all your hopes and aspirations, confident that they will adapt to your daily needs, adopting the role of stern taskmaster, library of knowledge and persistent source of inspiration but always as educator, in order to help you reach and grasp your dream.

Our one-on-one, pairs or small group coaching sessions are custom tailored and focus on the client’s needs, wants, goals and dreams for business and life.

An In-depth Confidential Questionnaire

This tell us where clients have come from, where they are now and where they want to go, so we can jump start their sessions once we have developed a game plan for their future.

What You Will Receive on Joining the Stress to Strength Coaching Program

  • Good Stuff From John…10 Hours of Inspirational Magic -download
  • Stress to Strength…Tools to Calm, Connect and Create – E-book
  • You Can Expect A Miracle…The Book To Change Your Life – E-book
  • You Can Expect A Miracle…Unexpected Miracles – E-book
  • You Can Expect A Miracle…201 Miracle Messages From A to Z – E-book
  • You Can Expect A Miracle…Insights Into Life – E-book
  • You Can Expect A Miracle…With Chiropractic – E-book
  • You Can Expect A Miracle…Yes, YOU Can – E-book
  • You Can Expect A Miracle…13 Keys To Becoming A Miracle Magnet – E-book

Marna Moolla

Dr. Marna Moolla,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

“Judy doesn’t follow the cookbook method of coaching. Which is good, because I haven’t read the cookbook and neither have my staff or my practice. What I am trying to say is that some coaches treat all clients the same – and that doesn’t work because every doctor’s situation is different, and every doctor has unique challenges. Judy tailors everything to me – she’s got years of experience in practice and in coaching and let me assure you there’s a big difference between someone who’s trained to coach and someone who is trained to coach AND is experienced in coaching like Judy. I’ve had both and I’ll take the latter.” –

justin bayliss

Justin Bayliss
People Power Solutions
Brisbane, Qld, Australia

“I have known John Hinwood now for six years and in that time he has grown to one of my most trusted advisors. His guidance over the years has played a significant role in assisting me to successfully consolidate a number of areas of both my personal and professional life. He is much more than a business coach. I consider John to be more of a holistic Life Mentor and am very grateful for his input. He keeps me grounded and yet also inspires me to continually seek to raise the bar. Thanks John.”