Four weeks ago on Friday September 18 the ABC PM Program aired an interesting segment on corporate ‘burn out’.

“There’s evidence to suggest that close to half of the corporate workers in Australia score highly on questions related to tiredness and fatigue. As many as a quarter exhibit symptoms of stress”, the reporter stated.

“It’s known as corporate burnout.”

Stewart Taylor the Managing Director of the Resilience Institute reported… “that over a third of workers in this segment were regularly burning the midnight oil and stress in the form of confusion, disengagement and even distress in some cases, was being reported.”

“They’re called the ‘working wounded’ “, he said. They are pushing too hard for what they are trying to achieve and on the job and their productivity is reduced as well as their morale and the result is that they get sick.

We have found in our research that this scenario is not isolated to the corporate sector. Many people in small and medium size business are experiencing the same dilemma.

The best action someone can take if they feel they are in this group, is to first create some boundaries in their life to CARE FOR THEMSELVES FIRST.

Set in motion…

  • Some short breaks throughout the day… walk and stretch
  • Have some brief funny videos on your phone, tablet, computer you can spend a minute or two getting a good laugh from as well as a dose of ‘happy hormones’
  • Set up lots of early nights
  • Ban you electronic device from your bedroom
  • Buy a travel alarm clock, not your mobile
  • Drink lots of WATER
  • Ban caffeine and soft drinks from your diet
  • BOTTOM LINE… BREATH, low and slow whenever the stress feeling comes up

Spend a weekend with a group of like-minded people creating your personal stress management plan.

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