Learn easy-to-use ‘Emotional Resilience Solutions to enable individuals to create more calm in their life.

The purpose of the Creating Emotional Resilience Solutions training is to support individuals to move out of any ‘stress spiral’ they may be caught up in and provide them with a toolkit of evidence-based simple, practical, sustainable, self-care tools and strategies.

The integration of daily work activities and personal life will be enhanced as a result of attending the Creating Emotional Resilience Solutions training. Participants will be surprised and gratified at the immediate and profound difference in their world as they start to become emotionally tougher, emotionally resilient and agile.Participants will be guided through the training using over 30 evidence-based tools and strategies, allowing them to pick the tools that suit and connect with them in order to better cope and live their best life possible.

Research has proven that mentally healthy workers are three times more productive!

Outcomes: At the conclusion of this one day training, participants will…

  • Develop a practical foundational Emotional Reslience toolkit
  • Have tools to prevent unnecessary stress and cope better
  • Build better relationships with their colleagues, friends & loved ones
  • Be happier, more relaxed and more productive
  • Have a better understanding of their own stress triggers
  • Learn how to remain calm in previously stressful situations
  • Differentiate between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress
  • Complete each day with greater energy and focus
  • Be more resilient to life’s challenges.

Course Outline

Key Points:

  • The way we think about resilience determines our body’s response to stress
  • Wellbeing solutions: proactive vs reactive approaches
  • Preventing/minimising the effects of stress is the key to good health
  • Awareness: Your body doesnt lie!
  • Learn and experience over 30 evidence-based tools and strategies
  • Using the Emotional Resilience BarometerTM to measure individuals current state of wellbeing
  • Harness your ‘Happy Hormones’ for emotional calm and wellbeing.

Emotional Resilience Solutions:

  • Be aware of your physiology in the moment
  • Energy management awareness
  • Choose proven nutrition and posture
  • Create a habit of low and slow breathing
  • Be mindful with meditation and visualisation to find inner calm
  • Use eustress and exercise to enhance personal resilience
  • Use the ‘Map of Consciousness’ to move to higher energy levels
  • Drop the ‘Cylinder’
  • Use the ‘Cancel’ sign
  • Engage the ‘Detach’ tool

Our techniques include: Guided mediation, visualisation, reframed thinking, re-channeling brain pathways, neuroplasticity exercises, focused positivity training, choosing emotional intelligence, mindfulness, resilience exercises, resourcefulness, re-calibrating emotional responses, creating healthy and useful hormone responses, precise breathing techniques and Applied Kinesiology testing.

This training can be undertaken as a stand-alone 1 day program or alternatively, as day 1 of a 2 day training combined with ‘Maximising Your Emotional Resilience’.

“This is an excellent course for explaining and understanding stress in individuals and the workplace, as well as providing very useful and practical tools for managing stress. Highly recommended for any business wanting to improve the bottom line through improving productivity by managing unproductive stress in the workplace. Well done!”
Philip Jardine, Managing Director, PPE Safety, Brisbane, QLD, Australia


“Wonderfully honest and factual. Great tools to use, not just theory. It is real life, constructive and really helpful.”
Debra Kells, Child Care Director, Morayfield, QLD, Australia


“I strongly recommend you attend and take home practical tools you can use now and in everyday life.”
Zafar Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Dial-A-Local Doctor, Forest Lake, QLD, Australia

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