From time to time my computer, printer, scanner or phone get overstressed or even distressed. The device in question is attempting to process so much information that it starts to do some crazy things, or maybe it just ‘freezes’. In order to solve the problem, just the simple act of turning the device off for a short period of time allows it to re-boot, and the problem I was experiencing has a chance to self-correct.

When I turn the affected device back on, it runs once again in a stable manner. The device has had a chance to catch up!

We humans have a brain that sometimes goes into overload also and it experiences periods of overstress or even distress.

The image of the pregnant woman above shows her daydreaming which is an essential process for learning and also for maintaining a healthy brain.

Hard work in the mind power arena quickly expends the neurochemicals that are needed for you to meet the challenges of the workplace or an active home and family life.

Taking a couple of ‘daydreaming’ breaks for a minute or two every hour or so can make an amazing difference in your world.

This process stabilises the memory and you can feel really refreshed after a couple of minutes break.

Encoding new information into the long-term memory and also stimulating your creativity circuits in your frontal lobes is so important and mind-wandering or daydreaming is a key in supporting a healthy stress-less lifestyle.

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