Yesterday I spent the day hearing and absorbing many sad and remarkable stories of the experiences of a cross section of health care practitioners from around Australia. I attended the Second National Conference of the Health Professionals Australia Reform Association in Melbourne. The presenters were practitioners in private practice as well as some consulting and working in hospitals. They were from numerous health care disciplines in medicine, allied health care, nurses and Professors in Medical Schools from around the country. They took the audience on an amazing journey detailing ‘witch hunts’ that they had been subjected to by national regulators.

In some cases, the stories they shared reflected the outcomes of vexatious claims made against them by third parties who had only heard about what had happened in the practitioner- patient experience. Sometimes the patient who the claim was about was totally unaware that a complaint had been lodged about their interaction with their practitioner. There was a case reported that had led to a practitioner suicide due to constant harassment; an extremely sad ending for a very caring and supportive life.


This Weeks Video…

How to Handle Stress and Pressure Tool – Move From, Move To – Dr Judy Hinwood

My focus now will be on coping and thriving strategies that some speakers shared as a way of moving from stress to strength and engaging in emotional resilience tools to enhance their lives into the future.

Anne Carey, a Nurse and West Australian of the Year 2016 who nursed in the Ebola out-break in Serra Leone…

  • Bullying will never go away, but it can be managed
  • Bullying is the failure of kindness in the workplace
  • Kindness is the major factor in handling bullying

Dr Jane Tolman a Geriatrician from Tasmania said…

  • Counseling, drugs and mindfulness didn’t work, but tricking my brain by PRETENDING that these nasty events never happened, WORKED!

Caroline Raphael a Psychologist from Northern NSW said…

  • Looking after yourself can be seen as a sign of weakness
  • Looking after yourself allows you to care for others better
  • Learned helplessness, can be seen as a perceived lack of control. The key is to take back your control
  • Always two choices, fight back, or ‘roll over’ and quit
  • Hold people responsible, hold them to account
  • You need to be assertive and clear
  • Saying NO to abuse without emotional reaction
  • When we allow ourselves to get ’stuck’ in the same negative energy, that is destroying our natural state of well being.

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  • Sue Bock

    Stress itself is a bully. As an RN and a stress coach I love seeing a conference like this in Australia. Although our medical systems are different, nursing practice is mostly the same. When it’s busy there’s not enough help. Compounded over time, makes for stress taking it’s toll if you don’t have something in place to help you release the stress.

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