A few years ago, a prolonged severe heatwave hit the South-East of Australia, and the stress levels went sky high for all our population as some temperatures hit record highs of 45 degrees plus.

As well as the humans being subjected to extremes of physical, mental and emotional stress, our iconic fury friends the koala bears were also ‘stressed out’.

For animals who are known as non-water drinkers (they usually take their fluid from eucalyptus leaves) and non- bathers, there were some strange reports about our docile friends,who normally live a life of solitude. When the heat stress became unbearable, koalas started reaching out to humans for help.

Never seen before images started appearing on TV news broadcasts, on social media postings, in newspapers and other places, of dehydrated koalas seeking life-giving water.

Did you know that your brain shrinks when you become dehydrated?

When we face times in our life of severe distress, taking immediate action works.

Ask yourself these questions to support you on any road to recovery from distress…

  • Am I prepared to do what ever it takes right now to relieve my stress?
  • Am I brave enough to maybe do something outrageous now to relieve my stress?
  • Am I able to just do something different now to change my state and lower my stress?

For example, many surveys have found that public speaking for the majority of people is one of the most stressful things they could be asked to do, or they have ever done.When a person who is public speaking ‘freezes’, the easiest solution for them to become ‘unstuck’, is to start walking: just take action.

Movement and motion are game changers.

3 quick solutions when distress affects you…

  1. Move away, disconnect from the offending agent as fast as you can, eg the koala and the heat
  2. Move to seek help or ask for support to find a solution; again, like the koala
  3. Close your eyes momentarily and visualise an extremely positive image that will ground you and support you in the moment: the koala in his ‘swimming pool’!

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