In 1981 I first heard master mindset communicator E. James Rohn speak at a conference in Brisbane where he stated … “Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”

We all know that we seem to have busy minds, and often in unexpected ways our thoughts distract us from handling things in the moment. Unless we constantly monitor and oversee our mindset behaviour, we can create a state of chronic stress in our life.

Have you ever tried to stop your mind from thinking? It’s not so easy process. The truth is that thinking is what our mind is meant to do. Our mind produces thoughts, just as our eyes see the things around us, our ears hear sounds, our nose smells the air, our taste buds assist us in discerning food and drink, and our skin enables us to feel things in our world.

As stress is a perception of what we believe is real for each of us, at that time, or in that moment, we can sometimes see the world quite differently to others around us.


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Thinking isn’t a bad thing; it’s just that we can become preoccupied and often obsessed with it. Our thoughts can rule our lives. We believe that what we think is actually the way things are, that our thoughts perfectly reflect our reality. As a result, we become attached to our stories and end up becoming what we are thinking.

Our busy minds are made up of a mix of thoughts, emotions, doubts and fears. Our minds operate with constant mental noise, sometimes called ‘psychobabble’. We are analysing, judging, commenting, remembering, planning, forecasting to name the major activities.

In March 2014 Deloitte published an article titled, ‘The Overwhelmed Employee’

The article states… “Too much access to information has turned us into ‘overwhelmed’ employees. Nearly every company sees this phenomenon as a challenge to productivity and overall performance but struggles to handle it.”

  • Information overload and always-connected 24/7 work environment are overwhelming workers, undermining productivity and contributing to low employee engagement.
  • Sixty-five percent of executives in our survey rated the “overwhelmed employee” an “urgent” or “important” trend, while 44 percent said that they are “not ready” to deal with it.
  • HR has an opportunity to lead efforts to manage the pervasive communications practices that overwhelm employees, simplify the work environment, create more flexible work standards, and teach managers and workers how to prioritize efforts.

“The true downside of this information overload is harder to measure. With everyone hyper-connected, the reality may be that employees have few opportunities to get away from their devices and spend time thinking and solving problems. And the problem is getting worse. The sun never sets on a global company, so someone is always working, awaiting a response to an email or phone call. The weekend as a time away from work is also becoming a thing of the past.”

You don’t realize how much your day has been running you and your busyness has controlled your day, until you collapse on your bed at night.

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