From time to time in our lives we can become so enthralled with the doing, that the being somehow disappears. Maybe this has happened to you also at sometime in your life when you were on a pathway moving forward at speed with no deviation.

In 1997 our coaching, mentoring and consulting business was growing in leaps in and bounds. We started our private client business in Brisbane in 1991 and there we were, six years on,with clients in seven countries and working around the clock. We loved it!

We lived in our magical dream home on the Gold Coast overlooking the pristine beach and up the coast for miles. However, we were so full on growing this ever expanding business, speaking overseas several times a year and facilitating seminars around Australia and in New Zealand, that we weren’t watching the being.

Then it all went wrong…


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Meditation for Healing The Body and Good Sleep – The White Flame – Dr Judy Hinwood

I was a person who only needed about 4 hours sleep a night as I always ‘went out like a light’ when my head hit the pillow. I didn’t listen to the research that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components of our body need 7 to 8 hours sleep a night to recover and rejuvenate, and also to give our brain the sorting time it needs to file the good stuff and delete information not needed.

We were bursting at the seams with clients and had just moved into larger office space. We needed to increase our full-time team by another person, not quite yet, but very soon.

My interim plan was that I would work day and night on a Tuesday and Thursday and not sleep. I took normal meal breaks and at 4.30am to 5.30am I’d go for my daily run, and as it was summer I’d go for a half hour surf afterwards. Shower, breakfast and then back to the office.

All good for the first three months.

The Gold Coast was hit by a massive cyclonic storm that lasted several days. We developed a water leak at home and I decided to get out the ladder at 5.30am in 125km plus winds and climb up onto the roof and check it out. My wife Judy told me I was crazy. I told myself I was strong, tough and I could handle a cyclonic storm, no matter what!
As I was checking the fittings on the roof around the solar panels a mighty 200km wind gust came from nowhere, picked me up and pounded me down onto the roof deck below. I was fortunate that the ‘kind’ wind gust chose the roof deck side as that was only one level below. The other side of the roof dropped down four levels!!

Coming to up in pouring rain I realised I had been knocked out briefly and this was the only problem I initially noticed. As I started to get up I quickly felt that my left shoulder was not allowing me to lift-up my arm… um, problems!

With Judy’s help I showered, dressed and she drove me to Brisbane for meetings I had all day with some associates from the US. After speaking to an audience of 600 people that night in Brisbane I realised my suit was soaking wet and dripping water onto the hotel carpet. Shock had set in. I had also developed mid back pain as the day progressed.

The magnificent machine the human body is, was demonstrated to me that day as at 11pm that night one of my Brisbane clients x-rayed me,and I had a spinal fracture and a shoulder fracture and gross muscle and ligament damage.

When we are highly motivated, passionate about what we are doing, and on a mission, it is amazing what our bodies can endure.‘Overstress’ and ‘distress’ are amazing servants.

A body in distress can only keep going for a limited time in this mode. The adrenalin and cortisol hormone rush kept me going that day and the endorphin(euphoria), dopamine(motivation) and endocannabinoid(high) hormones supported me as I moved through my exciting day of successful negotiation, and into the evening speaking to a highly motivated and excited group.

Then… it was all complete! Healing was needed. The being demanded attention.The master machine the human body is, said, it’s time to take care of yourself… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

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