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The stress epidemic is causing relationships to fail, businesses to falter, and health to suffer. Serious chronic disease has a strong connection with ongoing stress. As an Emotional Resilience Advocate you can be part of a Best Practice Solution.

Be the ‘go to’ Emotional Resilience and Stress Management person in your company, organisation, school etc. who is trained to support those individuals who are in need of support and guidance in this arena.

Our Emotional Resilience Advocate (ERA) training method has been developed over the past decade and is a core element of all training programs offered by the Stress Management Institute® (SMI).

Stress management and emotional resilience programs are in high demand in the business world and offer greater value and return on investment rather than workplace and ergonomic assessment alone because of the practical applications.

Our training programs are premised on evidence-based science and are professionally developed by the Stress Management Institute® which provides Government approved training.

Stress has no boundaries and the tools and strategies that are taught meet the needs of a broad cross section of our stressed society.

Book early… each course is limited to 12 participants. Global Leaders in Stress Management, Drs John & Judy Hinwood will be your facilitators for this outstanding program.

Call the Stress Management Institute® on 1 300 663 979 or email for registration details.

2018 In-Class Training Programs

Monday 17th September to Friday 21st , 2018
Institute for Learning Professionals, Brisbane, QLD

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Build Emotional Resilience Training

The Build Emotional Resilience training is a very different two day event in Brisbane where you will learn over 60 tools and strategies to manage your stress, with Drs John and Judy Hinwood, Global Leaders in Stress Management

2018 Programs

Saturday 3 November and Sunday 4 November, 2018
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Brisbane, QLD

2019 Programs

Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March, 2019
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Brisbane, QLD

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Give Your Business More GRIT

Come and learn the essence of emotional resilience and equip yourself better to roll with the punches, bounce back and how to adapt better to adversity

It can be common to feel overwhelmed with stress in the corporate and personal world. The trick is harnessing this stress to build strength and purpose.

Dr John and Dr Judy Hinwood of the Stress Management Institute talk about moving from stress to strength and building emotional resilience.

John & Judy founded the Stress Management Institute (SMI) and Stress to Strength (STS) in early 2013. Their expertise in stress management, emotional resilience and wellness has been sought after around Australia and beyond.

Did you know untreated stress costs Australian businesses $10.9 billion a year through absenteeism, reduced productivity and compensation claims?
Australian National Mental Health Commission 2014

At the conclusion of this Accelerated Program, participants will:

  • Understand how to be more mentally tough and have more ‘grit’
  • Learn how to remain calm in previously stressful situations
  • Be able to create more ‘good’ stress in their life
  • Complete each day with greater energy and focus
  • Be more resilient to life’s challenges

Don’t miss this live event!

We invite you to register and book for the next Give Your Business More GRIT 2-hour Accelerated Program @ $79 incl. GST

2018 Programs

BRISBANE: Thursday 8th November 2018, 2.30pm to 4.30pm,
Venue: IML, Level 16, 40 Creek Street, Brisbane

Registration: 2pm

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