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Dr John Hinwood has for over 35 years been an inspirational speaker, coach, mentor and author who has helped people worldwide and in all walks of life, find their own miracles. John’s experience as a health professional by training, successful businessman by effort and an inspirational by nature has given him an awesome array of practical tools for success.  Get to know Dr John today: no appointment needed.

As a bestselling author and inspirational speaker, Dr John Hinwood as crafted another collection of joyful stories.

This volume is full of messages of courage, attitudinal shifts, freedom, hope and love.  John speaks of health and healing, grace and inspiration from his own life experiences.  He shares the stories from his many friends, around the corner and on the other side of the world.

Following the success of his earlier book, You can EXPECT A MIRACLE… The Book to Change Your Life,  John has once again tapped amazing stories that will touch your heart, bring a tear to your eye, make you laugh and show you that anything is possible if you have a belief that you are worthy of receiving miracles in your life.

The storytellers come from many backgrounds and they share amazing life change experiences for themselves and for others.  There are stories of families, work experiences, sporting achievements, travel and lessons in life.

You will discover the power of the little white card which has only three words written on it…. “Expect A Miracle”.

You will learn how these little gifts can create a state of expectancy in your life.  This change of state then allows the gifts of the universe to start flowing to you.  If you believe that miracles won’t happen to you, then this book will change those beliefs.

You’ll discover that you can have your own miracles.

“[Stress to Strength] skilfully combines the clinical and scientific based knowledge with the intangible, holistic aspects of the field of Stress Management for wellbeing. . These respected leaders in their field are extremely experienced and knowledgeable.
Louise Harrison, Coaching & Workshops, Stress Management and Building Resilience

A supportive and knowledgeable community of inspiring mentors and students exchanging and coaching simple but very effective resilience and stress management tools and strategies based on science. Thank you, John and Judy, for all your wisdom, ongoing support and creating an inspiring and knowledgeable community.
Nadja Conaghan, Corporate Learning Professional

“Drs John and Judy Hinwood provided me with professional tools, capabilities and confidence to address the manifestations of stress in others—and to overcome my own triggers and sticking points. Their teaching was enlightened, thorough, intelligent and compassionate. I learned so very much and gained the ability to interact with others at a deep level, to assist them to return to calmness and to develop emotional strength and insight. I am endlessly grateful to Judy and John and commend them for their wisdom, integrity and commitment.”
Elizabeth Thuan, MA, Reiki Master/Teacher

“John and Judy’s passion and knowledge make them true leaders in this field. Thank you so much for providing me with lifelong stress management skills to share with others.”
Megan Collier, Megan Collier Coaching

Expect A Miracle Free Book