A new generation of “soft science” research backs innovative stress management coaching and mentoring for individuals and workplace teams.

By 2012 considerable research into this rapidly growing problem of stress affecting individuals at home, at work and in their relationships which cost Australia $30 billion in 2012 (Labour Force Survey & Safe Work Australia Survey) has seen the development of a new approach to stress management training. This includes resilience skills and mindfulness tools to support the community via public and business seminars as well as personal mentoring and coaching.


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This new approach is not hardware or software in nature, but rather “people-ware”, with the focus based not only on new emerging evidence from the biological sciences, but also backed by field experience and wisdom which is process driven. Stress to Strength teaches people simple, sustainable self-care tools and strategies to use in their personal, family, business, government or corporate lives.

These highly effective tools and strategies are easy to coach, and easy for clients to learn, using coaching as the modality of delivery. The ‘worried well’ and the ‘working wounded’ make up the 90% of Australians who report that stress affects them daily (Lifeline Stress Poll 2015). It is different from counselling or psychotherapy where clients generally need tertiary longer term care.

Clients who seek coaching and mentoring invariably have stress affecting at least one area of their life. The 2015 Lifeline Poll also reported that “40% of Australians feel very stressed about one particular area of their life.” This is where rock solid specific stress management coaching can give these people amazing breakthroughs in their lives. This coaching focuses on the now and teaches clients how to turn ‘bad’ stress into ‘good’ stress and gives each person a personal kit of tools and strategies which are backed by solid science.

The four reasons why the stress industry is a booming market are:

  • The 24/7 nature of business now where more and more people are “expected” to respond to requests in the moment, with Smart phones and texts ruling the lives of many
  • Continual connection to social media by many people with the rise of the FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) Syndrome
  • A rise in personal expectations of ourselves, and what many employers expect of their employees now in tighter financial times. Where the mantra in many areas of the business world has moved to… “work it, till it breaks”
  • Peoples thoughts about the future, a new world order where job security is virtually a thing of the past

The Stress Management Institute® conducts training for those individuals who wish to become a qualified Stress Management Practitioner or Stress Management Facilitator and embark on either a full time or part time exciting career caring for and supporting people who are struggling to cope with stress. If you are looking for a career change, or you wish to add a Stress Management specialty to your current career, please call +61 1 300 663 979 or email info@stressmanagementinstitute.org
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  • Paul

    This. Is good stuff! Do you two do this coaching yourselves & how do you integrate the Chiropractic principles into your teachings?

    I totally agree that stress management is so necessary in these modern times and is the major causes of the subluxation complex!

    I would be very interested in what you as doing is this endeavour?

    Have a blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy & of course a stressless New Year!

    • admin

      Thanks for your questions Paul. Great to hear from you after so many years after you moved from Alice Springs in Central Australia, to Belfast in Northern Ireland.
      Yes, Judy and I are the Principal Stress Management Practitioners and Coaches at this time. We have students in training from around Australia, New Zealand and Thailand who are studying to attain their Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner or their Facilitator in Stress Management. These are very robust training programs and have Federal Government certification.
      DD Palmer, the discoverer of Chiropractic said… “There are only three things that make you sick, trauma, toxins and thoughts. It is one of these three things or a combination of these things.”
      We teach individuals self-care, natural, easy to use tools and strategies that enables them to become emotionally resilient and bounce back from the stress and challenges life throws in their pathway in life.

  • Dr. Wayne Gard

    To add, being impatient is one factor why we stress out. Living on digital and modern world, we should be very thankful for that. Counting our blessing is very relieving and satisfying rather than expecting unreasonable solution for our problem which we don’t have control at all.

    Talking to someone who understand to find the solution is awesome. I love the “people-ware” approach.

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