This training will help participants to identify additional workplace and personal stressors, build resilience, agility and provide evidence-based techniques and strategies to gain mastery over stress.

Techniques include: Mental rehearsals, visualisations, reframe your thinking, detaching, re-channelling brain pathways, focused positivity training, neuroplasticity exercises, re-calibrating emotional responses and Applied Kinesiology testing.

Outcomes: At the conclusion of this program participants will:

  • Understand how to be more mentally tough and have more ‘grit’
  • Learn how to remain calm in previously stressful situations
  • Be able to create more ‘good’ stress in their life
  • Complete each day with greater energy and focus
  • Be more resilient to life’s challenges

Who Should Attend the program: C-suite Executives, HR Professionals, Team Leaders, Managers, HR staff, Business Owners and Employees who are interested in becoming more emotionally resilient. We train individuals and teams with sustainable, self-care solutions, evidence-based tools and strategies to empower resilience, calm, and increase productivity.

“I recently had the pleasure of attending a GRIT program presented by John and Judy Hinwood. The gift that John and Judy bring is both timely and immensely important, raising awareness and offering very practical tools that benefit the organization and the individual. We cannot manage what we do not understand.

I know from my experience as an organizational psychologist and supported by my doctoral research that stress and anxiety in the workplace, particularly in the Western world, is on the increase. We are living in a social and demographic environment that is creating this silent and largely invisible epidemic. The organizational and personal costs are huge.”

Ian Plowman PhD Consultant,
Facilitator and Social Researcher

“Knowing there is a relationship between psychosocial stressors and coronary heart disease, we were grateful to attend this informative and practical GRIT program which offered tools and strategies that are easily transferable from home to the workplace. We were challenged to change our thoughts, as a powerful shield against stress. John and Judy Hinwoods knowledge, experience and passion shine through.”

Megan Collier, Sheree Hughes, Maria Packard
Cardiovascular Heath Team, Heart Foundation, QLD

For further information, please email: or Call: +61 1300 663 979