In 2012, before we launched Stress to Strength we spent the year doing extensive online research to find out who was our true demographic and target market audience.

We were seeking the online demographic as well as the group who would be interested in studying to be either a Stress Management Practitioner or a Stress Management Facilitator.

Our third group to find were those individuals who wanted to attend in-class Stress Management training courses to learn tools and strategies, so they could personally de-stress and live their best life possible.

So, what’s all this have to do with the hairy mammoth?


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Healthy Ways to Manage Stress – 3 ENERGY BOOSTS – Dr Judy Hinwood

Our female and male DNA genetic coding is so different…

Females are coded as the carers and nurturers and they will run with a task to 80% of effort before tossing in the towel when the going gets tough. Why do they stop at this level you may be asking yourself? As they are programmed to look after the family group and other groups they are connected to, they know that they must be fit and healthy to carry out their duties. They must not jeopardise their health.

Males on the other hand are coded to ‘hunt the mammoth’. They will drive themselves to 98% of their possible output before stepping aside, exhausted. Their role in life is to hunt and kill the mammoth and bring home the food so the family doesn’t starve.

These genetic traits we still have and are driving forces behind our lives.

Back to our 2012 demographic research and target market of who is seeking stress management and emotional resilience tools and strategies…

Our research revealed that 75% of those seeking these skills were women between 35 and 55 with a spread to 25 to 35 and 55 to 65. Men only made up 25% of those keen on enhancing a wellness skill set.

At allof our events and trainings between 2013 and 2016 the 75% women and 25% men statistic remained constant.

Last year 2017 saw a major shift. The male/female ratio shifted to 50% for each of our public events.

Last weekend we held our first Build Emotional Resilience Training public two-day training in 2018 and the attendance was 62% men and 38% women. The shift in men now being open to explore stress management and emotional resilience as a needed benefit in their lives has not only held from last year but has surged ahead. We are delighted!

For us this means that men are coming forward to look after themselves before their health suffers and their life is in major stress. To us, this is recognising that living with more ‘emotional resilience’ is critical in this era of pressure and strain.

If you would like to immerse yourself in two days of building emotional resilience, then join us in Brisbane on May 5&6 for the Build Emotional Resilience Training. We have a fantastic team of qualified Stress Management Practitioners & Facilitators who will guide and mentor you through the processes. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun and go home relaxed and de-stressed and armed with your own personal destress toolkit and your stress management strategy plan. We pre and post stress test participants at this program and on average at the end of the two-day training that they measureover85% reduction in their stress level.

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