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Our Stress to Strength® and Stress Management Institute® team deserves full credit for our winning the Professional Services Category Award last Friday night at Logan Chambers of Commerce 2018 Business Distinction Awards to a sold-out audience at the Logan Entertainment Centre. We were the winner in the Professional Services category.

I posted this image on social media of myself receiving the award on behalf of our amazing team and Advisory Board.

A great friend in the US saw one of the posts about the award and sent me a congratulations message. At the end of the message he added, “boy have you lost some weight”. We have only communicated by email over the past few years since I stopped speaking in the US on a regular basis 6 years ago.

I posted on LI the response below to my US friend.

As you know I have exercised each day for years and 4 to 5 hours sleep a night was my norm for over 35 years. My motto was… ‘do what you love doing, and there will be plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead’.


This Weeks Video…

Healthy Ways to Manage Stress – 3 ENERGY BOOSTS – Dr Judy Hinwood

Six years ago, I was speaking in Dallas at a seminar and there was a PhD speaking on how important sleep was in weight and stress management,also in cleansing and refreshing your brain. In the next 3 months I heard several other experts talk about how sleep was so over looked as a key to stress management and maintaining your best weight and maintaining a high level of wellness.

Shortly after I was invited to be part of a wellness seminar on the Gold Coast and a speaker on nutrition was talking about how some people who carry too much weight can lead very healthy life styles. These people eat normal amounts of high quality food, are keen on exercise, nil or very little alcohol, non-smoker and get 6 to 8 hours sleep a night. The problem is their leptin/insulin balance is way out of alignment.

I REALIZED, THAT WAS ME! Two days later I started a 49 day extremely low-calorie food intake diet to support my body to reset my leptin/insulin balance. I lost 16 kg. One month back on normal food intake, then 29 days back on the very low-calorie food intake diet.

I made sure that most nights I got 7 hours sleep instead 4 to 5 hours.

BINGO!… my weight has been around 87kg since. Drastic action worked for me. My hormone regulators were once again back in balance.

The speaker went on to explain that hormones tell your body whether to burn fat and lose weight or to store fat and gain weight or to find balance and weight maintenance in between. When it comes to your body “deciding” what state to be in, there are two key hormones that regulate food intake and energy balance: the adipocyte hormone leptin and the pancreatic hormone insulin. While there are many other hormone players with complex interactions between them, understanding these two hormones will give you important insight into how your diet and lifestyle choices you make can help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

You eat, your blood sugar level rises, your body releases insulin to store all that glucose, and that increase in insulin tells your brain that you’ve now got enough energy.

You have a good amount of fat stores, leptin is released and tells your brain that you have enough energy, so you don’t need to eat anymore and it’s time to get moving!

To date, only the hormones leptin and insulin are known to act as adiposity signals.  The amount of leptin and insulin in the blood correlates with adiposity.  There are receptors in the brain for both insulin and leptin in areas of the brain known to be important in the control of food intake and energy balance.  Studies which have injected insulin or leptin show that this causes a reduction in food intake, whereas injection of antibodies to block insulin and leptin causes an increase in food intake.

In summary, if you are carrying too much weight, you have an extremely healthy diet based on natural foods, you drink plenty of water daily, you exercise each day and you get good solid sleep a night,it maybe well worth while checking your leptin/insulin balance.

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