For many years, I worked on a highly productive and focused team of either four or five people each shift. We personally cared for around 150 clients most days and our synergy was amazing.

Our new clients often commented how connected our team was in meeting their personal needs and how good they felt every time they walked into our practice. Statements like,” I always feel that everybody here goes out of their way to care for me.”

Occasionally a client would ask, “how is it that you are all so positive every time I come for my visit? Don’t you ever have bad days?”

Our answer to the “bad days” question was always, absolutely!


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One special resilience tool we all practiced, was sharing with our team mates the very powerful statement,I’m having a CRAFT day! What in the heck does this statement mean?

C = Can’t

R = Remember

A = A

F = Fu%#ing

T = Thing

How did this work you may be thinking?

If any one of us for some reason was having a CRAFT day,we would share our feeling with our team mates first thing on arriving at the practice. Immediately this simple statement would be a ‘red flag’ that meant the rest of us would move to a higher level of engagement, connection and production to fill the void created by our change of state at that point of time.

Our team harmony instantly rose to support our mate who was doing it tough that day. This in turn meant we were not resentful of the person who was challenged and no one displayed any resentment or hostility to their challenged colleague.

This action of displaying absolute love and support of the person, instead of distain, meant that the affected person felt no pressure or abandonment. Instead, they felt totally supported and often made a very fast return to their normal loving and caring manner.

When we are stressed we release hormones called pheromones via our sweat into the atmosphere around us. These hormones are in turn registered by others in our space and the affected individuals can start to feel stressed also for no apparent reason.

A possible decrease in team morale that would be felt by all of us, including our clients, never eventuates.

These simple values of love, care and support of our fellow team members are immensely powerful for everyone in our immediate environment.

You may wish to introduce this powerful resilience tool into your workplace.

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