Building an emotionally resilient mindset. The workplace has become infinitely more complex over the last few years. Mounting expectations have been fueled by technological innovations, 24/7 work schedules for some and an ever-increasing barrage of information. The changing workplace bombards us with endless distractions from emails, texts, various other messaging programs, conference calls, viral videos and breaking news stories which continually enter our space at an alarming rate. The battle for our attention escalates daily which can easily raise the level of stress.

The Impact of Emotional Resilience on Workplace Performance will help participants to identify additional workplace and personal stressors, build resilience, agility and provide them with evidence-based tools and strategies so they can gain mastery over stress.

The training will assist participants to build their own enhanced emotional resilience toolkit that works best for them from the advanced, evidence-based strategies and techniques available. These new tools can then be added to their own toolkit which was originally created within the ‘Build Emotional Resilience in the Workplace’ training.

Each training begins with every participant assessing their current level of emotional resilience in their business, workplace and personal lives using our proprietary ‘Work-Related Emotional Resilience TestTM’. At the end of the training, with tools and strategies in place and practiced, each participant is re-tested to check that the new learnings are locked into new mind-brain pathways to ensure that positive change is sustainable.

Our Techniques Include.

Mental rehearsals, visualisations, reframe your thinking, detaching, re-channeling brain pathways, focused positivity training, positive psychology techniques, choosing emotional intelligence, mindfulness, neuroplasticity exercises, re-calibrating emotional responses and Applied Kinesiology testing.


At the conclusion of this workshop participants will:

  • Be more mentally tough and have more ‘grit’
  • The ability to quickly identify stress triggers
  • Be able to quieten a mind that doesn’t easily shut off
  • Learn how to remain calm in previously stressful situations
  • Be able to create more ‘good’ stress in their life
  • Have a practical ‘toolkit’ to enhance their emotional resilience
  • Be able to know how to live the calm and increase productivity
  • Complete each day with greater energy and focus
  • Be more resilient to life’s challenges

Structure Of The Training.

The workshop will include a course workbook, activities, role play, demonstrations and will encourage facilitated discussion.

Who Should Attend The Training.

Team leaders, managers, HR staff and employees who are interested in becoming more emotionally resilient. We train individuals and teams with sustainable, self-care solutions, evidence-based tools and strategies to empower resilience and calm, and increase productivity levels.

Course Outline

Enrolment in this training follows acknowledged completion of the ‘Build Emotional Resilience In The Workplace’ training, as the content is continuous and participants would struggle without the appropriate base knowledge in place. Participants will need to bring their workbook from the ‘Build Emotional Resilience In The Workplace’ training.

Unit 1 : Course Overview and Introduction

  • Work-Related Stress Test™ – self assessment. Where are you now?
  • Work-Related Stress Test™ – Applied Kinesiology 1 on 1 testing
  • Review your wins, learnings and challenges from Day 1
  • Review and Correct Strategy

brain artUnit 2: The Map of Consciousness

  • What is this and how is it relevant to your life and workplace
  • Practical demonstrations to illustrate The Power of Words.
  • The Creative Process and ‘This Moment’

Unit 3: Relationships, Clarity and Perspective

  • Celebrate the Differences
  • Behavioural Barometer
  • Front hand/Back hand Tool

Unit 4: Being Clear and Calm

  • Bottom line Beliefs interfere with our resourcefulness
  • Resilience and beliefs tools and strategies
  • The Coin

Unit 5: Eustress and Distress

  • Brain Activity and Its Usefulness in Stressed States
  • The ‘Hormonal Cascade’, Cortisol, you and your work
  • The Detach Tool

Unit 6: Present Time Consciousness (PTC)

  • Mindfulness and its Usefulness
  • Clearing and Focusing Tools for Resilience and Mindfulness
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Installing useful Habits

Unit 7: 30 More Tools to Instantly Boost Your Productivity

  • Staying focused in an infinitely more complex world for effectiveness
  • Preventing fatigue; focusing your energy.

Unit 8: Planning for Increased Productivity

  • Work-Related Stress Test™ – self assessment. Where are you now?
  • Work-Related Stress Test™ – Applied Kinesiology 1 on 1 testing
  • Prioritising your Personal Productivity
  • Expanding your Calming Influence into your workplace
  • Integration and Conclusion

The Impact of Emotional Resilience on Workplace Performance Duration: 1 Day

Building emotional resilience and managing stress is not a quick 2-minute fix. Day two will make a real difference to the participants ability to integrate strategies and become more resilient and to enhance their mental toughness and grit. Their enhanced focus will have an effect on their increased productivity.

Supporting Behavioural Change:
We encourage participants to take responsibility for developing their own resources and outcomes by routinely engaging in emotional reslience practices and by using the tools and strategies, chosen from the suite of options provided.

For this reason we offer additional support in the form of the ‘Emotional Resilience for Life Program’, a weekly online multi-media e-class that is emailed to each participant.

We also offer one-on-one coaching and mentoring services.

Course Times: 9.00am to 4.30pm (Registration opens from 8.30am)
To book this program for your Company:
Or call: +61 1 300 663 979

“This training not only provides multiple tools to manage stress, it provides you countless opportunities to implement and practice those tools with the guidance and help of qualified Stress Management Practitioners. What sets this apart is the phenomenal (and measurable) improvements we all made in such a short time. You’ll have the opportunity to gauge your current state of stress, wellbeing and where you are at in life. After putting the tools to use, you get the opportunity to measure your progress. I guarantee you, you will be astounded by your own progress. Every one of us made practical and pragmatic gains we would not have believed unless we saw the results with our own eyes. To experience so many cognitive, behavioral and emotional changes in such a short space of time defies logic, but I could feel the immediate difference, it was real and I had measured results to confirm it. But, please don’t just take my word for it, find out for yourself. It will change how you experience stress, and how you experience life.”
Joshua Knight, Organisational & Behavioral Change Management Consultant
Brisbane, QLD, Australia.