The nervous system supplies the lips with a large number of nerve connections and five of our twelve cranial nerves are activated during kissing. Most people find kissing pleasurable, since there is a larger area of the brain devoted to sensations from the lips than from the entire torso. “Kissing is an enormous stimulant to certain brain systems. A huge amount of biological information appears to be sent to your brain during a kiss. This may be why a kiss with a stranger immediately turns you on or off,” says Dr Helen Fisher, a professor of anthropology at Rutgers University in the US and author of Anatomy Of Love (Random House).

Professor Wendy Hill studied kissing couples at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, US and measured the levels of oxytocin in their saliva and blood. To her surprise, only the men showed an increase in oxytocin after kissing. In the women, the oxytocin levels actually declined.

Professor Hill also measured cortisol levels, a hormone related to people who are over- stressed or dis-stressed. “After kissing, both men and women showed lower cortisol levels, suggesting kissing does have a calming effect,” she says.

If stress is a problem for you, create as many opportunities as you can, where kissing is an active part of your daily activities.


The BBC reported that swearing at work helps employees cope with stress, according to academics at Norwich University in the UK.

Professor Yehuda Baruch, Professor of Management, warned that attempts to prevent workers from swearing could have a negative impact. He said, “Our study suggested that, in many cases, taboo language serves the needs of people for developing and maintaining solidarity, and a mechanism to cope with stress. Banning it could backfire.”

The professor discouraged swearing in front of customers or senior staff.

Releasing your annoyance with a few swear words allows people to let go of their anger quickly and move on. It clears the head often and you feel much more relaxed and de-stressed.

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