We are delighted to present to you our Certified Stress to Strength Coaches.  

Please do read about each of our coaches and decide who you feel is best suited to your needs. You can then submit a request below to talk with our Director of Coaching at the Stress Management Institute, to enquire about engaging with one of our recommended coaches.

Stress to Strength Coaching assists you to define and develop your stress-less life. We provide you with personalised ‘hands on’ coaching and mentoring either one on one or in small groups via telephone. We work with you concentrating on varied, useful and stimulating information, designed to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Elite athletes, singers and dancers have known about the benefits of coaches for years and now the business community is starting to embrace the phenomenon. In fact, over 70% of US Fortune 500 company executives employ a personal coach. Another recent survey reported clients from all areas in life saw a 60% improvement in their life balance as a result of using these new life management techniques.

In 2013 the Stress Management Institute® (SMI) commenced delivering their highly acclaimed Australian Federal Government Certification qualifications, a Certificate IV in Stress Management Practitioner and Certificate in Stress Management Facilitator to mature students across Australia and in Asia.

In 2018 SMI launched a new certification, the Emotional Resilience AdvocateTM Method at two qualification levels; Facilitator and Practitioner.

With a team of highly accomplished graduate coaches and mentors, the Stress Management Institute® and Stress to Strength® has now launched a new offering of ‘hands on’ stress management and emotional resilience coaches. The backgrounds of our team members are corporate, small business, healthcare, not for profits, media, teaching and much more.

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Dr John Hinwood

John is a global leader in stress management and emotional resilience. You will discover from this dynamic and energetic communicator that you can easily shift your current state of health to break free of the stress that is holding you back.

Dr Judy Hinwood

Dr Judy Hinwood is a very personal and focussed coach, using flexibility and intuition. Her extensive, unique resources of mental and emotional techniques lead willing clients out of  overwhelm and ‘stuck’ into a calmer, brighter, fresher life.

Barbara Clifford

Barbara is a time management strategist who is is passionate about assisting small business owners or middle management to unclutter the chaos and aleviate overwhelm.

Megan Collier

Megan has spent decades educating people about how they can improve their health and prevent chronic disease – a subject she’s passionate about. She will assist you to resolve the disconnection between your mind and body to destress and move to the calm.

Darilyn McMullen

Darilyn’s background is in education, where she taught horticulture to adults for many years. A love of nature combined with a lifelong interest in natural health, and a growing family led to studies in naturopathy and eventually to ….. managing stress.