In March of this year the Stress Management Institute was engaged to participate at the Myriad Festival in Brisbane. A world class line up of speakers and entertainment, entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, tech-lovers, and innovators filled the Brisbane Powerhouse with ideas and innovation for two and a half days.

Our Logan and Redlands Regional stand represented 10 totally different businesses and the activity in the trade area was hectic. To add to the excitement, the second day was scheduled to run from 9am to 10pm, however, cyclone Debbie hit town and at 11am we were all given our ‘marching orders’ to head home.

The next day was the conclusion and the stress levels were high as attendees were itching to make up for the 11hours lost the previous day. The media was spruiking that $5 billion was in town to be spent on innovative ideas at Myriad.


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The Purple Crystal – Deep Guided Relaxation Meditation

You could feel the stress in the air. It’s a fact of life now that stress can quickly derail your healthy habits and goals — if you let it.Whenever the chaos in your life starts to get to you, excess stress hormones are released, including cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine.

It doesn’t take long for this potentially beneficial system to backfire.

During the final afternoon session, a camera and sound crew were doing the rounds of the Trade Hall. The interviewer stopped at our stand and asked me could she interview me for a documentary. My answer was yes, absolutely.

She started the interview. I asked, “why do you want to interview me?”. Her answer was, “you appear so calm, I have observed you as we have been moving around, are you always like this?Most people here appear so stressed”.

My answer was, “if you receive a letter or email from me, it is always signed off, ‘Live the calm’. Living the calm is my choice, we all have choice in our lives, ‘mastery over stress’ is the way I have chosen to live my life. One of our companies is Stress to Strength has ‘mastery over stress’ as its tag line.”

Her next question was, “how do you do that? I don’t know how that is possible”.

We then started to chat about the benefits of being calm.

Virtually everyone can benefit from having a bag of tools and strategies at the ready. There are many to choose from, and you can pick those that work best for you, but their purpose is the same: to help your body deal with an onslaught of stress by inducing your body’s relaxation response.

Relaxation techniques can be used to help you get through the pressures of daily life at work and at home as well as to help address specific health challenges or stressful scenarios. Using stress management techniques allow you to build your emotional resilience which may help you to lower blood pressure, relieve insomnia and lessen symptoms of depression. They may also reduce stress hormones, lower your heart rate, improve your mood and relieve muscle tension and pain.

Deep low and slow breathing activates your parasympathetic (slow me down) nervous system, which induces the relaxation response, however, taking time out for 10 minutes to sit quietly and shut out the stress situations around you can also trigger it.

Research by Dr. Herbert Benson, cardiologist and founder of the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and his team have reported that people who practice relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation long-term have more disease-fighting genes switched “on” and active, including genes that protect against pain, infertility, rheumatoid arthritis and high blood pressure.

If you would like to immerse yourself in two days of building emotional resilience, then join us in Brisbane on August 12 & 13 for the Build Emotional Resilience Workshop. We have a fantastic team of qualified Practitioners who will guide and mentor you through the processes. Plus, you’ll have lots of fun and go home relaxed and de-stressed.

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