For the past two and a half days I have been attending the sold out Myriad Showcase in Brisbane. The experience was designed by some of the minds behind SXSW, SLUSH and PAUSE and the events mission is to unlock the infinite cultural and economic value across Asia-Pacific.

Myriad invites entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, tech-lovers and innovators to attend, be inspired, collaborate and connect the dots to unlock success and growth for themselves and the wider Australian ecosystem.

There were 50 plus Australian and overseas speakers running multiple streams covering next generation technology and interactive experiences in workshops and fireside chats.


This Weeks Video…

Healing Guided Meditation – The Well – Dr Judy Hinwood

The Stress Management Institute was one of 10 companies chosen to represent the Logan-Redlands Region of Queensland displaying innovative tools and strategies for business and life.

This afternoon I was interviewed for a video being created by Regional Development Australia.

The interviewer asked me about handling stress and most of all, how to be calm. Her opening comment was… “you’re so calm, how do you get to be like that?”

My answer covered these key points that you can easily make part of your daily routine.

  • Being calm is a state of mind that you create, you choose this state.
  • Make sure you know why you are doing what you are doing and what really matters to you.
  • You create your self-talk. Constantly be aware of your language and avoid over generalising.
  • Engage your mind to create quality sleep, have the best nutrition possible, hydrate often and actively participate in regular exercise that you love.
  • Develop strong supportive relationships and surround yourself with people you can rely on.
  • Take 10 to 15 minutes a day to create mental and emotional calm, whether that’s through a relaxation or a meditation practice, breathing, spending some time in nature where you can smell and feel the environment around you, or listening to calming music.

In the end, YOU… choose to live the calm.

The Stress Management Institute® conducts training for those individuals who wish to become a qualified Stress Management Practitioner or Stress Management Facilitator and embark on either a full time or part time exciting career caring for and supporting people who are struggling to cope with stress. If you are looking for a career change, or you wish to add a Stress Management specialty to your current career, please call +61 1 300 663 979 or email

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