This week one of our graduate Stress Management Facilitators Linn sent me an article from the December 26th 2017edition of Forbes magazine. She said, “you’ll love this John!”

The reason she said,“you’ll love this John!” is that during her training and also after attending numerous Building Emotional Resilience Training workshops she had heard me say, “ if you want to live a stress-free life, be prepared to die”.

Dr Hans Selye the scientist, endocrinologist and the ‘father of stress research’ would pronounce, “stress is a funny thing, if you live stress free you will die, if you live in a state of constant stress, you will die, managing stress is the key”.


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Self Healing Meditation – The Garbage Truck – Dr Judy Hinwood

Living a stress-free life is impossible as the human organism can only survive and thrive in a state of stress. Our physiology depends on physical, mental, emotional and energetic challenges to function at its best.

The article Linn sent me is titled, Sink or Surf: How to Live Stress-Free In 2018

Article author Bhali Gill goes onto say… “The experience of stress is a global phenomenon affecting both our work and personal lives. Forty four percent of Americans reported frequently experiencing stress in a 2017 Gallup survey. In another survey carried out on 372 participants in Asia Pacific (i.e. China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore) stress was found to be the number one leading workforce risk.”

Gill then goes on to quote Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founding director of the renowned Stress Reduction Clinic who once said, “you can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf it.”

The answer to living a life where you thrive and not just survive, is understanding what it takes to allow your body to function at its optimum level.

When we understand that there is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ stress, and our goal in life is to embrace the ‘good’ stress, our lives can change in a heart-beat.

Back to Hans Selye and his concept of ‘eustress’, which is the ‘good’ stress we need to create to enhance our lives. This is energy that our bodies need to thrive.

We create ‘eustress’ when we exercise, even something as simple as a 20-minute walk daily is hugely supportive for your body. Other exercise such as yoga, jogging, gym, cycling and swimming performed at a mild or moderate level three times a week is a great diet for creating a stress-less life. Adding meditation, mindfulness, visualisation and positive thinking to your weekly routine will create magic in your life.

Some over-stress from time to time supports our immune system to get into gear to support us to fight infections, hone up our mind those few days prior to exams, or supporting us to prepare an outstanding presentation we need to make at work. Even to prepare us to be right on top of our communication skills for a date or to engage well at a social function.

Stress is inevitable, and we will face constant stressors in our life whether it is in our personal and family relationships, with our finances, with our health or at work. It’s not something we can avoid, but it is something we can manage and accept. When we understand that stress is our friend and when we choose to embrace it, our life changes.

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