Building an Emotionally Resilient Mindset.

The workplace has become way more complex over the last few years. Mounting expectations have been fuelled by technological innovations, heavy work schedules for some and an ever-increasing barrage of information. The Australian Workplace Barometer Report from Worksafe Australia, states that 4 million Australians are in the upper two quartiles of emotional exhaustion and the majority of dollars lost are due to employees who report only mild symptoms. Stress has a funny way of creeping up on us.

Science tells us that some people can become so stressed with their interaction with others that they can just ‘freeze’ sometimes and are unable to take any action at all. In the end it comes down to the two P’s, Perception or Procedure. When you are stressed you either need to either change your perception of the problem at hand or change your procedure in how you handle it.

This training will assist participants to formulate a destressed response to create a positive strategy and to take positive action steps instead of being controlled by the negative emotion(s). This action is to either change our Perception or to change our Procedure.

Outcomes: At the conclusion of this one day training, participants will…

  • Be more mentally tough and have more ‘grit’
  • The ability to quickly identify stress triggers
  • Be able to quieten a mind that doesn’t easily shut off
  • Learn how to establish clear procedures to reduce their stress
  • Be able to create more ‘good’ stress in their life
  • Have a practical ‘toolkit’ and enhance their emotional resilience strategies
  • Be able to know how to live the calm and increase productivity
  • Complete each day with greater energy and focus
  • Be more resilient to life’s challenges.

Course Outline

Key Points:

  • The way we think about resilience determines our body’s response to stress
  • Wellbeing solutions: proactive vs reactive approaches
  • Preventing/minimising the effects of stress is the key to good health
  • Awareness: Your body doesnt lie!
  • Learn and experience over 30 evidence-based tools and strategies
  • Using the Emotional Resilience BarometerTM to measure individuals current state of wellbeing
  • Harness your ‘Happy Hormones’ for emotional calm and wellbeing..

Emotional Resilience Solutions:

  • Be aware of your mindset and the words you use
  • Be mindful with meditation and visualisation to find inner calm
  • Learn how to prioritise your personal productivity
  • Learn tools to prevent fatigue and focus positive energy
  • Learn Emotional Reslience beliefs, tools and strategies
  • Clearing and focusing tools for resilience and mindfulness
  • Installing useful habits
  • Understanding relationships and celebrate the differences

Our techniques include: Guided mediation, visualisation, reframed thinking, re-channeling brain pathways, neuroplasticity exercises, focused positivity training, choosing emotional intelligence, mindfulness, resilience exercises, resourcefulness, re-calibrating emotional responses, creating healthy and useful hormone responses, precise breathing techniques and Applied Kinesiology testing.

Enrolment in this training follows acknowledged completion of the ‘Creating Emotional Resilience Solutions’ training, as the content is continuous and participants would struggle without the appropriate base knowledge in place.

“The workplace training was very informative. It was made clear that for stress levels in the workplace to change, then our workplace communication needs to change and be supportive. The tools and strategies we were introduced to we will be able to put them into place in our workplace. The outcome for our organisation will be a more streamlined approach and greater focus.”
Dallas Simmonds, General Manager, Titan Garages, Brisbane


“I enjoyed the stress management in the workplace workshop. The workshop helped me to understand what stress is about and how it affects people in different ways. The techniques I learned will help me to bring more value to my life and workplace. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.”
Lorena Naranjo, Human Resources Advisor, Southern Queensland Steel, Brisbane


“The workshop provided very insightful tools and strategies to deal with workplace stress. It will now allow me to reassess
many thoughts, strategies and approaches towards stress management. The biggest thing is I now have is a much more
positive approach to stress management in the workplace.”
Andrew Albury, Director, MGD Wealth Ltd, Brisbane

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