Often I’m asked… “how do you start your day with the best possible mindset so stress doesn’t get the better of you?”

My answer is…I develop a Morning Mindset routine which sets the tone for my day so I’m in-charge from the time I wake up each morning. This way I harness any stress to use as my day unfolds, and I end the day feeling alive, rather than over stressed and exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I am in-charge of my mind and life. You are in-charge of your mind and life, not someone or something else.

This Weeks Video…

Energy Visualization – Plugin Tool – Dr Judy Hinwood

My typical day starts the same way, whether I’m at home or on the road speaking and training, or on holiday.

On waking…

  • I roll onto my back and take three deep belly breaths to the count of 6 in and 6 out.
  • At home, I look up at the ceiling and silently read the Expect A Miracle card that is stuck to the ceiling immediately above my pillow. I express my gratitude in advance for all the miracles big or small that will find their way into my life today. When away I read a card from my wallet. (To print your own cards go to http://www.expectamiracle.com/expect-a-miracle-card)
  • I go to the bathroom and look into the mirror and set my posture, straight and tall with my shoulders back.
  • I read my 16 affirmations that are written on a laminated card that lives on the bathroom bench. When I’m away from home I read my travel version that I keep in my diary.
  • My next stop is to go to the kitchen to squeeze lemons or limes into a large glass of water that I drink to flush my liver to start the day. Warm water is better. I follow this with a second glass of water.
  • I take a morning walk most days to commune with nature. Some days the walk maybe late afternoon or evening. I often like to meditate as I walk.
  • A good solid breakfast follows, of either cereal or eggs.

I have enjoyed a rock-solid sleep with no electrical devices in my sleeping area.

My being is now aligned and I’m ready to start my day with a positive mindset and a physical body that is ready to take on the world.

Is there anything you can add into your day’s start that will set the rest of your day more strongly? Like prepare your day’s to-do list, visualise your day with enthusiasm, do stretches, sit and meditate for a few minutes, tackle the hardest job first?

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