Many managers don’t take advantage of stress management as a useful tool and strategy in the workplace.

Stress has no boundaries, it is wide-spread, and it presents in many forms that can affect individuals physical, mental, emotional and energetic abilities. If it is not addressed and handled, life for all involved can become tortuous.

In the workplace, stress can cause all kinds of problems with business issues and create many concerns, sometimes serious. These issues and concerns left unaddressed will ultimately hurt morale and decrease profits. One simple solution to managing stress is to understand what is stress management and how to handle workplace stress.


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7 Key Reasons Why You Would Use Stress Management as a Support Tool in The Workplace
1.To improve your ability to lead

As a leader, stress management in the workplace can give you a leading edge. In times of stress, a calm leader is a source of stability in grounding team members. Many employees will look to their manager for guidance and direction. Some may seek help by talking one on one with their manager about how best they can handle a stressor, or several stressors.

Successful leaders have the trust and respect of their employees. Skilfully handling stress and identifying stressful issues enables a good leader to guide their team through tough times.

Good leaders are often willing to go where others don’t want to go.

2.To support your ability to motivate employees

The effects of stress on morale and workplace culture can be devastating. Stress employees can become anxious, unfocused, scattered, distant, angry and can’t explode with-out notice. Teamwork may also breakdown. Stressed employees make it difficult to set employee motivation strategies in motion.

3. To increase productivity and profit

Managing stress in the workplace can keep productivity levels on target. With stress levels managed well there will be far less chance of a decrease in productivity. More and more experts are saying how important it is to create a mentally healthy, low stress workplace and understanding Stress and ROI is a key.

Depending on the source of the stressor, employees can become distracted and call out when stress arises. Some employees might start not caring and just go through the motions. The result here is the lack of productivity and the missing of dead-lines Keeping a lookout for stressors before they become an issue, helps business run smoothly.

4. To reduce the possibilities of workplace conflicts

Many conflicts occur due to differences in opinions and conflicting personalities. Conflicts that deal with stress usually build up over time and then explode.By managing stress and being aware of the key stressors in your environment, makes for cohesion and a good stress-life balance for all concerned. Unresolved workplace conflicts usually end up creating a major distraction that you don’t need.

5. To strengthen the communication process

When stress levels are high, there is a corresponding strong negative effect on communication. Attitudes also tend to shift towards angry, bitter and judgemental gossip.Managers who are strong in handling work-related stress usually can identify problem stressors and resolve them. This in turn decreases stress and strengthens the communication process.

6. To improves your ability to enhance teamwork

Stress management in the workplace will allow you to build team unity and team members will feel cared for. Leaders who search out stress management tools and strategies see positive results.

7. To allow the meeting of deadlines

At times, employees who are stressed, become distracted and feel ‘burnout’. Some employees may start not caring and just go through the motions and ‘presenteeism’ results. This can result in a lack of productivity and the missing of deadlines.Keeping a lookout for stressors before they become an issue and resolving the stressors quickly, can help your business run smoothly.

As you can see, being able to handle and manage workplace stress has many benefits.

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