When you are living in a constant state of over stress or distress, your life can end abruptly unless you take massive action. Engaging your amazing power of emotional resilience, can be life-saving. Even in the grimmest of situations, a shift in your perspective can create a dramatic change in your well being.

Many years ago, not long after visiting the former German concentration camp of Auschwitz in Poland I read a riveting story of survival created by one man’s resilience and his creative imagination. As Albert Einstein said, “imagination is more important than knowledge”.

The life saver was a Jewish surrealist poet, Robert Desnos who was born in Paris on 4 July 1900. His first poems were published in 1917 in La Tribune des Jeunesand in 1922 he published his first book, a collection of surrealistic poems. He moved on to become a literary columnist for Paris-Soir.

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His career in radio began in 1932 and during this time he became friends with Picasso, Hemingway and other famous artists and writers of the day and he became increasingly involved in French politics.

During World War II, Desnos was an active member of the French Résistance network and he was arrested by the Gestapo on 22 February 1944 and deported to Auschwitz in occupied Poland.

Now, back to this amazing story…

This morning in question, the truck that took Robert Desnos and his fellow prisoners in the road crew out to work was facing in the opposite direction to normal. Desnos and the men were skin and bone and looked like their lives were nearing their physical end. The mood was somber and everyone knew the truck was headed for the gas chambers. Everyone falls silent. But this silence is soon interrupted when the energetic and enthusiastic Desnos jumps to the head of the line so he is first onto the truck.

He turns immediately on climbing onto the trucks flat bed and grabs one of the hands of a fellow condemned prisoner. Desnos calls out to the men as they climb onto the truck behind him, “show me your hand, show me your hand, I am also a Palm Reader.” As he proceeds to read the first man’s palm,“Oh”, he says, “I see you have a very long life ahead of you and you will help so many people in your new life once we are liberated from this place”. The prisoner is exuberant and his excitement is contagious. Men start screaming out, “read my hand, read my hand” and one man, then another, offers up his hand, and the Desnos prediction is for longevity, more children and abundant life in service and in being involved in creating a new world order.

As Desnos reads more and more palms, not only does the mood of the prisoners change but that of the guards too. The young SS Guards are stunned, even afraid and a shadow of doubt is created in their minds. They are so disoriented by this sudden change of mood among those they are about to kill that they are unable to go through with the executions. So,all the men, along with Desnos are asked to climb down from the truck and they are locked up in the barracks for the day.

Over-night the guards decide that they will not take these men to the gas chambers just yet, as they have so much raw emotional energy left in their bodies they will be good for a few more weeks or months of hard work.

Desnos saved his own life and the lives of others by using emotional resilience and his imagination.

Two weeks later the camp was liberated, and in the years following, those men who had their palms read that day by Robert Desnos went on to full fill the life paths that Desnos predicted.

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