Presenteeism is when a person comes to work despite being physically or mentally unwell.

Presenteeism can be characterised by workers who are physically present in the workplace, but who aren’t working as productively or safely as they should be due to a physical or mental illness or injury.

Research shows the cost of presenteeism in Australia is $34 billion, in Canada $25 billion, the UK £66 billion and in the USA a staggering$150 billion annually.

The Canadians’ have a saying for a person who is displaying presenteeism in the workplace, “they’re out to lunch”.

The American Productivity Audit –calculated that the total cost of presenteeism in the United States to be more than $150 billion per year. Furthermore, most studies confirm that presenteeism is far more costly than illness-related absenteeism or disability.

In the United Kingdom presenteeism costs businesses £605 per person each year. Absenteeism and presenteeism together cost the UK economy £73 billion per year. 27 days of productive time per employee are lost each year due to presenteeism. 72% of people have observed presenteeism in their workplace.

While it’s no secret that absenteeism collectively costs organisations billions of dollars each year, the price of presenteeism is also rather hefty. A 2016 report commissioned by Pathology Awareness Australia says presenteeism costs the Australian economy in excess of $34 billion annually.

Is this Presenteeism?

Barbara Clifford one of our Stress to Strength Coaches sent me this video recently she saw on LinkedIn which had ignited loads of comments and discussion.

Barbara asks the questions…

Look at her distress being woken from a sleep like this.  Is it fair?

What does this say about her own stress/health/lifestyle issues?

And is she being publicly humiliated or is this just good fun?

Could this be causing her ‘situation stress’?

All good questions to ponder.

Another US study found that when businesses take a ‘whole-of-person approach’ to health, it rapidly can transform a workforce suffering from entrenched presenteeism.

More and more employers are seeking ways to transform their workplaces to decrease stress and support employees to become emotionally resilient.

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