It is so easy for us to love others – even those whom we may feel don’t deserve or earn that benefit.

But for most of us, loving ourselves is a bit more difficult.

We see all of our ‘faults’ and blow them up out of all proportion whilst downplaying, ignoring or just plain disbelieving all of our many assets. Let’s face it, we all have assets – we just need to take the time to admit them to ourselves.

How can we ever move forward without acknowledging and maximising our strengths? Is it any wonder that so many things can and do go wrong in our lives and our businesses if we are not concentrating on what we’re really good at?

What have you got to lose?


Here is a little exercise that all of us can do. Write 3 affirmations every morning on a piece of paper and put them somewhere you will have to see them many times throughout the day. I put mine around the edges of my computer screen, but you can choose to put yours on the refrigerator, stick them to the bathroom mirror or use sticky notes on your smartphone. Anyplace where you have no option but to come across and read them several times a day.

Do this for a day, and then put those pages aside and write them again – fine tune them if they don’t resonate with you as you would like.

Do this every single morning for 2 weeks and then, do a debriefing and see if things have changed for you.

Are you feeling more positive?

Do you have a stronger sense of direction?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you more likely to look kindly at yourself then you were before?

Some suggested starter affirmations


A great way to start is with these simple affirmations if you are struggling to come up with affirmations initially. If you find others that you feel work well for you, share them here so others can benefit from your wisdom, you smart person you!

1- I am a good, kind and caring person who will always strive to help others if I can.

2- I am taking care of my health by eating right and getting regular exercise (even if you aren’t doing this yet, write it down and read it over and over again – thoughts and emotions are energy and your affirmation will come to fruition with repetition).

3- I attract abundance by my positive thoughts and actions. Good things come to me because I earn them by my actions.

There you have it – no more than 5 minutes a day for two weeks. Why don’t you give it a try and share the outcomes here – positive, negative or neutral.

Affirmations are an excellent tool to reduce stress and assist you in creating a mindset that supports you.

by Wynn Grossman
for the Stress to Strength team

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