Three months ago I wrote a blog titled…Sleeping Away Your Stress and I commented on how important it is to get optimum sleep each night.

“Over the past year I have also been weighing myself every morning immediately on rising, and if I feel I haven’t slept enough and my body needs more recovery time, I climb back into bed for an hour or two more. Over the past twelve months I have observed a very interesting happening. If I decide that I need more sleep and jump back into bed and grab a bit more, I can lose anything from half a kilo to over two kilos just by sleeping another hour or two. A very healthy outcome. And the lost weight is belly fat, the nasty stuff.”

My personal experimentation has continued to see if there are other simple things you can do to make sure your cortisol production tap is turned down close to zero when you are in your daily 6 to 9 hour sleep health recovery cycle.

Your recovery mode can also be heavily influenced by simple relaxation and meditation time.

Recently I woke at 5.30am and Judy was already awake quietly reading and snuggled in beside me. I hopped out of bed for my morning necessaries and then weighed myself as is my normal practice.

Back to bed for an hour of casual chat with Judy about the day and week ahead and we did a ‘White Light’ meditation process. The hour was very relaxing and connecting and we both felt we really understood the other person’s needs.

When I finally rose to dress and go to the pool for my morning swim I once again weighed myself. Hey presto… I had lost 1 kg!!

Relaxation, rest, visualisation and meditation are wonderful simple tools to use to start your day and also can provide the added bonus of weight loss or assist with your weight control.

I suggest you give it a go and use your scales as a measuring device.

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