Stress is bio accumulative and it creeps up on us and it can take us out in a heart-beat.

Regular holidays are health giving and life giving. They allow us to detach from our normal routine and environment to relax and reset your default settings so you can create new healthy habits that enhance your wellbeing in the now as well as into the future.

In 2017 I wrote a blog titled… Creating a Stress-Hardy MindsetChanging your mindset doesn’t mean taking a Pollyanna view of the world. The key isn’t to deny stress, but to recognize and acknowledge it—and then to find the upside, because a full-throttle fight-or-flight response is not the only possible reaction to stress (at least when the stress does not involve a potentially life-threatening situation).”

In a wonderful book by Kelly McGonigal an expert on stress management titled, The Upside of Stress she gives us multiple ideas in how to turn stress to strength. Here is a selection of her options:

  • Whatever you’re doing, don’t pretend that stress doesn’t exist. People who deny it tend to isolate themselves and reinforce their fears. Instead, ask yourself why you’re experiencing this stress and look for any positive aspects to it. Are you learning something from it? Are you gaining strength? Are you connecting with people on a more fundamental level? Do you feel more intensely alive?
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed with work, do some small act of kindness for someone and note the mental reward you reap. The importance of connection cannot be underestimated.
  • Nurture your social networks. Caring creates resilience.
  • If you are feeling nervous, pause to consider why, and ask yourself if it’s because you’re doing something that matters to you and therefore reinforces your values and gives meaning to your life.
  • Don’t deny the stress, but, redirect your energy away from it and toward the task at hand.
  • When you notice a racing heart—for example, before you give a presentation or initiate a tough conversation—realize that your body is trying to give you more energy and see if you can capitalize on that.
  • Try to focus on the larger purpose of whatever you’re doing. When you’re stuck in a traffic jam taking your daughter to school, remember that it’s because you love her and want her to get a good education.

We often have people ask us, “what is the fastest way to shift my mindset to move from stress to strength? Is it attend a one-day or two-day training?”

Yes, one-day and two-day trainings are excellent ways to move from stress to strength, however, the fastest way to make a very impactful shift is to attend a residential retreat where you immerse yourself into learning techniques, tools and strategies and have the time to practice them while also being pampered.

Away from it all in an exotic location really allows you to detach from your normal routine and environment so you can relax and reset your default settings so you can create new healthy habits that enhance our wellbeing in the now as well as into the future.

We invite you to join us in Phuket from March 16th to 23rd for the Stress to Strength Retreat.



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